CON.TXT 2018: The Joy of Fandom

Let’s face it, things in the real world are starting to look a bit dystopic out there, and we’ve begun to wonder if we’ve entered the darkest timeline. It’s a time when we all need Bob Ross to paint us some happy little trees, or some happy little clouds.

When we REALLY need that fix-it story.

The joy of fandom is our ability to remix, reshape, and rewrite our favorite media into something that pleases us. We change endings, we bring characters back to life, we reimagine Harry Potter as South Asian or Peggy Carter as Captain America, we put hobbits in coffee shops, boybanders in space, and Alexander Hamilton in a zombie apocalypse, we explore infinite timeline diversions, and most of all, we make our favorite characters get laid, fall in love, destroy their enemies, save the world, and buy some curtains. And always remember, there are no mistakes in Bob Ross paintings, just happy accidents.

Fandom is not always perfect, and it’s not always the safe space we wish it were, but at least it’s not the real world. With that in mind, we invite you to come and take a break with us, hang out with other fans in person, and celebrate each other and the media we love!

gif of bob ross painting trees, text reads "Remember this is your world. In your world, you can create anything you desire."

Pre-registration online is now closed. However, you can still attend CON.TXT 2018 in one of the following ways:

  • You can buy a full weekend membership at the door for $140.
  • You can attend the con for a single day by paying $70 at the door on Friday or Saturday, or $50 on Sunday.
  • You can attend the Disco Duck dance party on Saturday night for $20.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Online Pre-Registration is now closed, but you can use this link to update your badge name, buy a Fan Fair table, or donate to the con:
Eventbrite - CON.TXT 2018 - click here
Outline of a small purple duck.
Outline of small purple duck.
Outline of small purple duck.

Book Your Hotel Room

CON.TXT 2018 will be held again at the Residence Inn Arlington Pentagon City in the exciting Pentagon City neighborhood of Arlington, Va., just across the river from Washington, D.C. Events will begin the morning of Friday, July 27th and go through the afternoon of Sunday, July 29th.

NOTE: As of July 5th, the special con rate is no longer available online. However, if you are reserving a room for the con last minute and would like the con rate, please go ahead and book a room at the regular rate and then email us at with the name you reserved under and the nights you reserved and we will contact the hotel on your behalf.

For more detailed information about the hotel and it's neighborhood, visit our hotel page.

To stay up to date, consult the Updates page.

Looking for a Roommate or a Ride?

If you are looking for someone to share a hotel room with, or have space in your own room for someone else, check out our Room Sharing Post.

If you are looking for a ride to the Con, or have some space in your car for a fellow con-goer, check out our Ride Sharing Post.

Outline of small purple duck.
Outline of small purple duck.
Outline of small purple duck.

2018 Scholarships Available

In the hopes of allowing more fans to attend CON.TXT, we offer several scholarships which cover all or part of the membership fee. For CON.TXT 2018 we have three different types available.

  • Our Minotaur Scholarship is a memorial scholarship established by the CON.TXT concom for our friend and fellow fan Minotaur who was known for (among many other fine things) welcoming new fans and encouraging everyone to join in and have fun at fan gatherings and cons. This scholarship awards a full membership to one first-time CON.TXT attendee.  Awarded!
  • Con or Bust helps people of color/non-white people attend SFF conventions; we are offering one full membership and one hotel night through this fine organization.  Awarded!
  • Our Need-based Scholarship is made available partially through donations from fans; we will offer half-price memberships to fans who request them and, if possible, full memberships. Need-based Scholarship recipients are asked to participate by volunteering for at least two hours during the con weekend.

To apply for the Minotaur or Need-Based scholarships, email us. Apply for the Con or Bust scholarship at their website.

CON.TXT also accepts donations towards our Need-based Scholarship program! Please donate when you register to help another fan attend CON.TXT!



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