DIY Panels at CON.TXT

Did you miss the deadline for proposing a CON.TXT panel? Or did your panel idea not make the final cut? Have you fallen in love with a new fandom recently (BTS, helloooo)? Well, you're in luck! We've always saved a few panel slots for Do It Yourself panels suggested at the con, but because of our larger hotel space this year we're able to offer a total of 15 DIY panel slots! There will be 5 slots available on Friday and 6 slots available on Saturday, and 4 available on Sunday. (And if all of those fill up, you're welcome to meet in the Upsuite or Downsuite!)

To sign up to run a DIY panel, just write your badge name and panel title on the sign-up sheet on the Message Wall in the Downsuite. Since DIY signups are first come, first served, we have a plan to give latecomers a chance to claim one: all Friday slots and the first three Saturday slots will be available to claim when the Downsuite opens on Friday morning, but the three remaining Saturday slots and all of the Sunday slots will only be available to claim on Saturday morning when the Downsuite opens.

Once you’ve claimed your slot, tweet the panel title, what it’s about, and the time using the hashtag #CT18DIY, and we will retweet it to help you advertise it.

So start thinking about what panels you wish were on the schedule this year, grab a co-mod or two, and be prepared to sign up for a DIY slot at the con! (And seriously, please do a BTS panel!!!)

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