CON.TXT needs volunteers!

CON.TXT needs volunteers!

With CON.TXT 2020 entirely virtual this year, we’re looking for volunteers to help in different ways than usual. No sitting at the registration desk this year! Instead, we need folks to help out with Discord and Zoom.

We are looking for:

  • Volunteers to help us monitor channels (text-based, no voice channels) on the con's Discord server: read everything posted to your assigned channels during your volunteer time slot and report issues.
  • Volunteers to help us host and monitor panels on Zoom: assist presenters with screen sharing, monitor the Zoom chat, and report issues.

We will be hosting several 1-2 hour training sessions for volunteers on how to use Discord and Zoom, so volunteers with little or no existing knowledge of these platforms are welcome!
If you’d like to volunteer, please fill out this survey by Wednesday, July 8.

Panel mod emails are starting soon!

Panel mod emails are starting soon!

Hi, folks!

We're about to start contacting potential panel mods. If you don't hear from us immediately, PLEASE DO NOT PANIC. Moderator confirmation emails are NOT automated--we send them individually, a few at a time, as we receive confirmation from volunteers whose schedules affect other panels.

(Because we can't schedule someone in two places at once, and we try not to schedule people for more than three panels, or for back-to-back panels. This means we tend to start with people who volunteered for the largest number of panels that made the first cut, and work our way down. This is also the stage at which we ask volunteers whether they'd be willing to consolidate similar panels, or whether they need another co-mod or have constraints on their availability, all of which affects our scheduling.)

When you receive an email, please respond promptly! We can't put the schedule grid together without your input.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to mod a panel--we love you all, and we quite literally could not have the con without you.

Watch your inboxes!

CON.TXT 2020 Vid Show: Submit What You’d Like to See and Make

CON.TXT 2020 Vid Show: Submit What You'd Like to See and Make

Hi everyone! Your friendly vidshow committee - alpheratz, cinco, and corbae - is looking for suggestions for CON.TXT's 2020 vidshow! Tell us about the vids you love in new and old fandoms, and definitely tell us if you're thinking about submitting a premiere to the show! As you know, CON.TXT 2020 will be held online on July 25. The virtual con will include a streaming vid show.


To nominate a vid for inclusion in the show, head on over to our submissions form. Please don't be shy: self-nominate as much as you like!

To give us time to curate and assemble the final show, the deadline for vid suggestions is July 5, 2020.

If you're thinking of submitting a premiere, please fill out the premiere interest form. Preliminary drafts of premieres are due July 5th. Final drafts are due July 11th.


If you are submitting your own vid, please upload it to Youtube or Vimeo without password protection in place. If possible, please also upload subtitles.


If we’ve left anything out, or if you’d like to know more about the con or the vid show, please ask! You can reach us at: or comment on this post.

Panel Voting is Now Open!

Panel Voting is Now Open!

Panel voting is now open! This is your chance to vote for the panels you'd like to see at virtual CON.TXT 2020! You may vote for as many or as few panels as you like.

We strive to offer a well-balanced and wide range of panel topics. The voting tells us which panels are the most popular, but it also helps us choose among similar panels and decide which suggestions might be better combined. We don't use a strict numbers cut-off to determine our programming.

Your votes are especially important this year, because they'll also help us decide how many panel tracks to have. Since CON.TXT 2020 is a one-day event, we won't be able to fit in all the panel suggestions--but if there are enough popular panels we will run two or more panel tracks in parallel.

Some panels have potential moderators already listed. These are not final commitments! Some panels don't have moderators yet, and these panels can't happen--no matter how popular--unless someone leads them! We'll call for more moderators once the votes have been tallied, but you can also volunteer by selecting "I'll definitely attend and could moderate" and entering your badge name at the bottom of this form if you are interested in moderating. This is also not a final commitment; we'll follow up with interested people by email after the voting.

Please don't volunteer to mod panels you're not excited about! If you volunteer to mod more than three panels, remember to fill out the question at the bottom asking for your top three priorities.

We're looking forward to seeing you all (virtually)! Vote now for your preferred panels.

If you haven’t yet registered for CON.TXT 2020 (and why wouldn’t you? It’s free, although you’re welcome to donate to cover virtual expenses for CON.TXT 2020 and scholarships for CON.TXT 2021 via Paypal), please do!

Registration for CON.TXT 2020 is OPEN!

Registration for CON.TXT 2020 is OPEN!

Please register here to join us for  CON.TXT 2020 on Saturday, July 25!

The con will be online this year using Discord and Zoom, and all programming is free. If you would like to support virtual CON.TXT 2020 (we expect minimal expenses, but there will be some) and scholarships for CON.TXT 2021, donate at PayPal.

Registration for CON.TXT 2020 closes at midnight EDT (what time is that for me?), on Friday, July 24. Discord invites will go out by 9 am on Saturday, July 25.