Panel mod emails are starting soon!

Panel mod emails are starting soon!

Hi, folks!

We're about to start contacting potential panel mods. If you don't hear from us immediately, PLEASE DO NOT PANIC. Moderator confirmation emails are NOT automated--we send them individually, a few at a time, as we receive confirmation from volunteers whose schedules affect other panels.

(Because we can't schedule someone in two places at once, and we try not to schedule people for more than three panels, or for back-to-back panels. This means we tend to start with people who volunteered for the largest number of panels that made the first cut, and work our way down. This is also the stage at which we ask volunteers whether they'd be willing to consolidate similar panels, or whether they need another co-mod or have constraints on their availability, all of which affects our scheduling.)

When you receive an email, please respond promptly! We can't put the schedule grid together without your input.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to mod a panel--we love you all, and we quite literally could not have the con without you.

Watch your inboxes!

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