Looking for panel co-mods!

Looking for panel co-mods!

Hi everyone,

There are a few planned panels that are looking for additional co-mods. If you are interested in helping out with any of these, email us at panels@con-txt.net ASAP (or by Friday, July 10th).

Panel title: f/f forever: Queer Women Represent! (Multi-Fandom)

Current mod: queercore_curriculum

Description: With the L Word reboot, the mainstream popularity of shows like Killing Eve, and the rise of writers like Lena Waithe and Alice Wu, there’s more representation of queer women in the media than ever before. How has the depiction of queer women’s sexuality and relationships changed in recent years? Why do we need queer women behind the scenes just as much as we need them to appear on camera? Is slash fandom's occasionally strained relationship with f/f evolving? And let’s squee over our f/f ships, canonical or otherwise!

Panel title: How Is This So Hot? aka The Workshop No Writers’ Center Will Offer (How-To)

Current mod: Marina

Description: Did you melt over the last bit of PWP you read? How did that author do it? We'll review and dissect outstanding erotic passages in fic and published work to explore what hits that spot just so, what makes a scene work, how to steam up a room if you can't get graphic, and more. This is a writing style and craft workshop, so bring your kink tomato and hold it tight, oh yeah babe, just like that.

Panel title: Let’s do the Fanwarp Again (Multi-Fandom)

Current mod: noxelementalist

Description: Now that we're living in the so-called "Golden Age" of TV, it's easier than ever to find and revisit the fandoms you thought nobody else remembered or got around to seeing. so let's talk about some of these "lost but not forgotten" fandoms who are just waiting for the right folks to find it again- rare shows/rare pairing shippers welcome!

Panel title: Rose Apothecary (Single Fandom)

Current mod: BeatriceEagle

Description: Schitt's Creek was six seasons of dramatic eyebrows, queer romance, incredible transatlantic pronunciations of the word "bebe," character growth, and whatever "A Little Bit Alexis" was. Here's a panel to talk about it! But also not it's not just a panel, it's an environment. It's more like a branded immersive experience.

Panel title: The Lan Jawn (Single Fandom)

Current mod: multiscorn

Description: I love these gay ancient Chinese necromancers and you might, too. Discussion of the actors limited to the last 20 minutes of the panel.

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