CON.TXT 2020 schedule is up!

CON.TXT 2020 schedule is up!

This year's schedule of panels and activities is ready and you can see it on CON.TXT Conline now! You can also see the list of panels, minus the schedule grid, at Thanks to all our fantastic volunteer panel mods! We'd like to highlight a few things that are different this year:

  • There will be no DIY panel time slots - but we'll have general chat channels in Discord where you can organize your own!
  • All panels will be 50 minutes long

We are still working out some small details like adding co-mods, but this schedule is basically final - so go take a look! 

As a reminder, you will have to register on Conline if you want to attend the con: more info here. Moreover, if you're a panel mod but have not signed up on Conline, your name won't be listed on your panels until you have done so. 

We're also excited to announce that the CON.TXT 2020 vid show will feature 10 premieres! 

Registration is still open (and free!) and will be through July 24th, so sign up if you're mulling it over!


Note on email bouncing: we're aware that emails to from yahoo and aol email addresses are bouncing. We're in the process of resolving the issue with our host. In the meantime, please email us from a different email service, @ us on twitter, or comment on our Dreamwidth.

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