CON.TXT 2020 Pre-Con Hangouts!

CON.TXT 2020 Pre-Con Hangouts!

It's officially eight days until the start of CON.TXT! You may have seen on Twitter that we've added a Friday evening event on the 24th that will be held on Zoom at 8pm EDT. It'll be an informal hangout, so bring a meal, a drink, or your pets (or all three!). We'll give you a brief rundown of what to expect on Saturday, you'll have a chance to ask questions, and then we'll play Small Fandom Speed Dating. 

If you haven't encountered Small Fandom Speed Dating before, it's basically The Dating Game with small fandoms instead of bachelors. You get to drag people into your small fandoms or find the new small fandom of your heart! It's great. 

If that sounds like your jam, please help us by filling out this sign-up form. It's non-binding! If it doesn't sound like your jam, you're welcome to stay and observe or log off early.

A few housekeeping items

  • If you are not yet registered on Conline and want to attend the con, please do so ASAP! Go to and log in with your Google, Twitter, or Facebook account. Then go to and click the "Join" link on the top right. More info here.
  • We haven't yet resolved the issue of bouncing Yahoo and AOL emails with our web host--we're so sorry, and we'll definitely get it fixed before the next con. If you use Yahoo or AOL, you can email us at
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