Announcement re: refunds

Announcement re: refunds

Belated Happy New Year, everyone! 

We're in the throes of planning CON.TXT 2021—our second all-virtual con—and details will be coming in the next month or two. 

We are also looking ahead to our next in-person con. As you know *gestures around* times are uncertain and we are unsure when an in-person CON.TXT will be feasible. The last in-person CON.TXT was held in July 2018, and many people pre-registered for CON.TXT 2020 at the con. We also opened registration for CON.TXT 2020 in the fall of 2019. Right now, the earliest possible in-person con would be in summer 2022. 

Additionally, as we announced in August, the hotel that was our home for the last two cons has closed its doors. At the time, we offered refunds to everyone who wanted one, and rolled over in-person con registrations for everyone else.

Since then, we've given the issue a lot of thought and decided that we need to refund everybody and start fresh when we hold the next con. There are multiple factors that went into this decision. First and foremost, we don't feel right holding on to your money for years. Secondly, there are tax implications to having the registration revenue sitting in our accounts with no expenses to offset it. And lastly, with the hotel industry in flux right now, we don't know what rates and availability we might be looking at in summer 2022 and the rates we set in 2018 and 2019 may need to change. 

Here is our plan to issue refunds:

  • If you registered through Eventbrite, your refund will be issued through Eventbrite as well.
  • If you registered through Paypal, we will email you to confirm your PayPal email account, and you will have a chance to ask for alternate arrangements.
  • If you registered via cash or check, we will email you at the email address you registered under to work out arrangements.

Please look for an email from us or Eventbrite, whichever applies, by February 26th. 

Lastly, we recognize that those of you who preregistered in 2018 did so at a preferential rate. When we open registration for the next in-person CON.TXT, we intend to honor those preregistrations in some way. Things are too uncertain at the moment for us to have a concrete plan, but we will do our best to work out something fair. 

Thank you for reading this long post and for your understanding. We are really looking forward to CON.TXT 2021 and to seeing you all in person again someday!

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