CON.TXT 2021 Vid Show: Submit What You’d Like to See and Make

CON.TXT 2021 Vid Show: Submit What You'd Like to See and Make

Hi everyone! Your friendly vid show committee—alpheratz, cinco, corbae, and salvamisandwich—is looking for suggestions for CON.TXT's 2021 vid show! Tell us about the vids you love in new and old fandoms, and definitely tell us if you're thinking about submitting a premiere to the show! This year's vid show will be the evening of Saturday, June 26th (Eastern time)


To nominate a vid for inclusion in the show, head on over to our vid nomination form. Please don't be shy: self-nominate as much as you like! The deadline for vid nominations is May 30th, 2021, at 11:59 EDT.

If you're thinking of submitting a premiere, please fill out the premiere interest form. This does not commit you to anything! This poll will remain open through May 30th, 2021 as well, but note that the deadline to submit final premiere drafts is later. Read below for more details on submitting premieres.


We accept premieres for any fandom and with any type of content, but if it would be helpful to you to get a sense of the typical tone of CON.TXT vid shows, you can check out last year's playlist.

Drafts are due Sunday, May 30th, 2021 (as long as it is May 30th anywhere in the world). For this purpose, a draft is a vid with at least an 80% completed timeline and a beginning, middle, and end.

To submit your draft vid, email us a link at or The link can be to Gdrive, Dropbox, an unlisted YouTube or Vimeo video, your own website—whatever!

Final vids are due Friday, June 11th (as long as it is June 11th anywhere in the world). We can work with you if you want to make tweaks after that date, though—just email us.

Final vids should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo as unlisted videos. They should not be password protected. This year, we are asking that you also submit subtitles alongside your premiere. Festivids has some great information on creating subtitles for your vid.

To submit your final vid, email a link to the unlisted video to or

This year we will be using an updated content notes policy. Last year's, for reference, is located on our website. An updated policy will be released in the coming months—we anticipate revising our old one based on the excellent improvements and additions made by Fanworks. We will add content notes to your vid according to our policy, but you are welcome to provide any additional notes you feel are appropriate.


If we’ve left anything out, or if you’d like to know more about the con or the vid show, please ask! You can reach us at or comment on our Dreamwidth post. You do not need a Dreamwidth account to comment.

If you have a Yahoo or Netscape account, please email us at

Panel suggestions are open!

Panel suggestions are open!

We are now taking panel suggestions for CON.TXT 2021! Please read this post and comment on our Dreamwidth using the template provided there.

We are making several changes to the panel proposal process this year:

1. Open versus closed panels. This year, you will have a choice between submitting a panel proposal as Open or Closed. A Closed panel is a panel for which you are submitting the idea as well as the full lineup of mods. If the panel is accepted, the panels committee will not find you any additional co-mods.

An Open panel is a panel you are asking the panels committee to put together—you propose the idea, and we assemble a panel out of the potential mods who volunteer. Every mod selected will be able to opt in or out of the final panel, but no mod will have veto power over co-mod assignment.*

If you would like to have control over the mod lineup of the panel you are proposing to mod, we invite you to use the comments on this post to find co-mods and submit your panel as Closed. (Feel free to edit your proposal post if you fill up a panel before the deadline!)

(*Just to be clear—if we assign you to a panel with someone you do not trust to adhere to the Code of Conduct, please let us know! Our goal is to streamline the panel selection process and simplify communication with mods, not to force you to work with anyone you don’t feel safe around.)

2. Prerecorded versus live content. While most panels will still be conducted live, we are offering two kinds of pre-recorded panels this year!

  • Full-length prerecorded panels. What it says on the tin! This format is best-suited for How-to panels or other information-heavy panels involving a lot of screensharing, but we will consider proposals for prerecorded programming in all categories.
  • Minipanels! We’re hoping to do at least one block of short (3–10 minute) prerecorded presentations—basically a big fannish knowledge party! This is a great place to pimp your fandom, share your favorite nifty facts, or rant about your pet peeve.

Prerecorded panels and minipanels will be reviewed by the concom for usability and content in violation of the code of conduct, but they won’t go through the voting process. If you would like to submit a prerecorded panel or minipanel, please comment here to let us know. Then, submit your video to the programming committee by May 25. (We’ll make another post soon letting you know how!)

Also—not a change from last year, but a thing you may not have known—you can suggest vid shows! If you would like to VJ a vid show panel—or you think someone else should—suggest it here!

All attendees and those considering attending are welcome to suggest panels, regardless of whether or not you want to moderate. Most full-length panels are 50 minutes long but we have had panels run for a longer duration, so please note if you think your panel suggestion needs more time.

If you have an idea for a panel but don’t want to moderate it, no problem—suggest it as an Open panel! If you see an Open panel suggestion and would like to moderate it, drop a comment and volunteer.


Now: Panel submissions are open!

Sunday, April 18 (11:59 pm EST): Panel submissions close.

Thursday, April 22: Panel voting opens!

Friday, May 7: Panel voting closes.

Early May: Notification of panel assignments.

May 25: Prerecorded panels and minipanels due.

Beginning of June: CON.TXT 2020 programming schedule posted on our website.

Mid-June: Virtual con instructions go out.

June 25-27: CON WEEKEND!

Please proceed to the Dreamwidth post to read the FAQ. You can suggest panels in the comments of that post. You do not need a Dreamwidth account to comment!