What is the CON.TXT Fan Fair?

The Fan Fair is a 3-hour event on Saturday afternoon from 2-5 pm where con attendees can shop for art, handmade geeky goods, and other fannish items from outside vendors or fellow con members. We know many CON.TXT attendees make incredibly cool things but don’t want to spend the whole weekend sitting behind a vendor table. We wanted to structure things so that vendors could have a chance to sell and still attend panels. With the Fan Fair, more of you will have a chance to share the things you make with your fellow attendees--without missing the rest of the stuff you come to CON.TXT for.

Would You Like to Sell Your Wares?

It’s easy! You can sign up for a table at the Fan Fair, and sell your items to your fellow con-goers yourself. We welcome a wide range of handmade and collectable new and used goods. If you make fanart, jewelry, fiber crafts, wearable items, zines, or other things with geek appeal, we’d love to have you. We’re also interested in vintage zines, action figures, and other kinds of memorabilia. If you have a skill you would like to share during the Fan Fair, such as hair braiding, henna tattooing, or tea-reading, we would also welcome you to sign up.

If you’re not sure whether your goods or services are right for the Fan Fair, check in with us at dealers@con-txt.net before signing up, and we’ll let you know if the things you want to bring haven’t been big sellers in the past. You can reserve your table through the Eventbright link below.

The table costs are as follows:

Half Table for Con Members:  $10
Half Table for Non-Members:  $20
For a full table, just purchase two!

Eventbrite - CON.TXT 2018 - click here

What About the Orphan Table?

Say you've made a really great oil painting of Paul Gross wrestling a bear, a hand-knitted Gryffindor scarf, or you have a mint condition Princess Leia figure from 1978, but you can't make it to CON.TXT this year or you just don't want to buy a table to sell a single item. Sounds like you’re a great candidate for the Orphan Table! The Orphan Table is staffed by con volunteers and opened during the Fan Fair. We keep twenty percent of the sales to support the con, with the rest going back to you. We will not accept any items under $5.

To sell something at the Orphan Table, you’ll need to ship your items before the con, or send them with a friend that’s attending. Contact us at dealers@con-txt.net to arrange shipping (including sending back anything that doesn’t sell). Please make sure everything you’d like us to sell for you is labeled with a price ($5 minimum) and your name, so we can keep track of what you sell.

If you're thinking about selling those six boxes of Dragonlance paperbacks in your garage, hold up! Not all pre-owned items are likely to be good sellers, and we don’t want you to have to haul them all the way to the con and back for nothing. If you’re interested in bringing a lot of used items or anything bulky or heavy, please contact us at dealers@con-txt.net before you sign up and we’ll let you know if they’re a good fit for the con.

Vendors Attending the Fan Fair

Check back later for a list of the cool shops that will be available at the Fan Fair!