Thursday, July 26th

8:00-10:00 pm:     Registration Party

Friday, July 27th

6:00-9:00 am:     Breakfast available for hotel guests in hotel lobby.

8:00 am-10:00 pm:     Registration opens

9:00-10:00 am:     Welcome to CON.TXT

10:00 am-1:00 pm:     Panels tracks

1:00-2:00 pm:     Lunch break and/or DIY panels

2:00-6:00 pm:     Panels tracks

7:00-8:00 pm:     Dinner break

8:00-10:00 pm:     CON.TXT Vid Show

10:00-12:00 am:     Duck Duck Games (and Vid Show Reprise)

Saturday, July 28th

7:00-10:00 am:     Breakfast available for hotel guests in hotel lobby

8:00 am-10:00 pm:     Registration opens

10:00 am- 1:00 pm:     Panels tracks

1:00-6:00 pm:      Panels tracks

2:00-5:00 pm:     Fan Fair (dealers room open)

5:00-7:00 pm:     Dinner break

7:30 pm:     Bar and pre-dance snacks

8:00-11:00 pm:     Disco Duck (and Game Room)

Sunday, July 29th

7:00-10:00 am:     Breakfast available for hotel guests in hotel lobby

8:00 am-3:00 pm:     Registration opens

10:00 am- 3:00 pm:     Panel tracks

3:00 pm:     Dead Duck


There may be changes to the panels between now and the con.

SCHEDULE 2018 one page foldable v5


Here's the list of panels scheduled for CON.TXT 2018, including descriptions and suggested hashtags for Twitter. We're still working out a few details, so these are subject to change until closer to the start of the con.


Ace Spectrum in Fandom Redux
Mod: Neotoma
When: 10:00 AM Sunday, Eisenhower B
Let's talk about being ace in fandom--as a fan, and as a character. We'll talk about representation in our shows, inclusion in fannish spaces, and The Discourse--oh, The Discourse.  #CT18_ace

AU all the way!
Mod: Neotoma & melannen
When: 4:00 PM Friday, Pentagon B
Alternate Universes! Why do we love them? Why do we hate them? Why do we love/hate them? What are our favorite AUs? What makes them work? What makes an AU become a trope that ate fandom instead of just a story?  #CT18_AU

Beta, What Beta?
Mod: DJ
When: 11:00 AM Sunday, Eisenhower A
A discussion of fandom participation over time. Thoughts for discussion: How do you identify with fandom? How did you get involved in fandom? How do you participate in fandom? What was the first fandom that had an impact on you and how? How do your early fandoms compare to those that intrigue you today?  #CT18_beta

Bring Your Fandom to Work
Mod: Corbae (Erin)
When: 4:00 PM Friday, Eisenhower B
It's always that one detail about your job/school/hobby that throws you out of a story. It's time for you to share your expertise to save a writer! Bring your pet peeves that Everyone Gets Wrong in fic, and show us how it's really done.  #CT18_FandomToWork

Crossover Event of the Year
Mod: Tassoss & Lili (enviropony)
When: 2:00 PM Sunday, Eisenhower B
What better way to enjoy two fandoms you love than have them in the same story? Passing through town, long lost family, secret twins, getting a calling to another universe--crossovers bring people together. What makes them work? Why do some universes mesh better than others? What crossover tropes do you love or hate? Let's talk about the best of both worlds.  #CT18_Xover

End of (Slash) Fandom As We Knew It (and Do We Feel Fine?)
Mod: Tree Wishes
When: 2:00 PM Sunday, Eisenhower B
Though some will contend that "slash" simply meant "gay" back in the day, it has also meant something more complex, that both transformed and perverted (in a good way!) canon media. Today, you can't swing a sex toy without hitting queer, remixed, and incredibly complex canon TV, movies, and books--along with youtube videos, self-published erotica, and really just about anything you seek. What does it mean to be a fan of what used to be slash in the modern day?  #CT18_EndOfSlash

Fandom's Kitchen: Food & Fanworks
Mod: Neotoma
When: 12:00 PM Sunday, Eisenhower B
Sometimes the feelings are on the plate. Sometimes the sandwich means I love you. A discussion of food in fandoms and fanworks, and recipes and food AS fanworks.  #CT18_kitchen

How Slash Fandom Talks to Itself
Mod: Thalia
When: 2:00 PM Friday, Eisenhower A
Fandom is all over the web, on a bunch of different social media sites with different norms and formats, and seems to still be seeking a perfect home. Where are we now? How do those places work, and how can people find fandom friends in them? What do we want in an online home for slash fandom?  #CT18_HowWeTalk

Joy of Fandom
Mod: Tree Wishes & KC
When: 5:00 PM Friday, Pentagon C
Remember when fandom was the biggest joy in your life? Remember? Let's figure out where the joy comes from, how things have changed, how Joy and Sadness (and Fear and Disgust and Anger) can all be part of the fannish experience.  #CT18_joy

Living the Fandom Lifestyle
Mod: Neotoma
When: 10:00 AM Friday, Pentagon B
What are some things you do IRL that are (secretly or not secretly) influenced by fandom? Have you taken a road trip across state lines for a fandom-based reason? Visited an actor's side business? Stopped/started drinking or smoking? Learned a new skill? Watched a sport for the first time? Learned a new language? Started reading comic books at an adult age? Quit your job? What is the most embarrassing (or awesome) thing you've done for love of a character? (None of us can judge you, BTW.)  #CT18_lifestyle

Podcasts: Fandom in Your Ears
Mod: Tassoss & Tree Wishes
When: 10:00 AM Sunday, Pentagon C
Podcasts have totally broken out in the past couple of years and can be a great way to connect during the fannish diaspora. There are recap and re-watch casts for both new and old shows, fantastic by-fans-for-fans multifandom casts, and all kinds of audio dramas with both original and extended universe fiction. Come tell us your favorites and let’s find ways to get more fandom in our ears.  #CT18_podcasts

A Podfic Panel!
Mod: Kalakyria
When: 5:00 PM Saturday, Eisenhower B
What is podfic? How do I podfic? How do I find podficcers? I can haz podfic recs? WTF is this anyway and how is it different from a radio play?  #CT18_podfic

Poly poly poly poly poly
Mod: Naked Bee
When: 1:00 PM Sunday, Eisenhower A
Poly ships are great! Let's talk about our favorites.  #CT18_poly

sub.txt: a panel on male submission
Mod: v_greyson & Jrho
When: 10:00 AM Friday, Eisenhower A/B
Let’s talk about what makes stories about submissive guys compelling. If you liked the 27 takes of Leia slapping Poe, you’ll probably like this panel. Featuring bonus discussion on the inversions/subversions/(perversions?) of male submission in fiction, also known as It’s Been Twelve Years And I’m Still Thinking About “Take Clothes Off As Directed.”  #CT18_sub.txt

Tro(m)ping Through Fandom
Mod: DJ
When: 3:00 PM Saturday, Eisenhower B
Tropes are an integral part of fanfic. Let's discuss favorite tropes. How do tropes mix and match in various fandoms (which seem to appear together frequently)? Are there tropes that are specific to certain fandoms? Do some fandoms lend themselves more to certain tropes than others?  #CT18_tropes

We Hurt the Ones We Love
Mod: KateKintail & cowboyguy & ShoesOffBootsOn
When: 5:00 PM Friday, Eisenhower B
Writer: Hello, I'm a writer... and I love hurting my characters.
Group: Hello!
Let's talk about the hurt/comfort genre including various types of H/C, tropes, most whump-able characters, and favorite recs.  #CT18_hurt/comfort

Werewolf Torts and Undead Annuities 201
Mod: v_greyson & maralenenok
When: 10:00-11:30 AM Saturday, Pentagon B/C
Do zombies get life annuities? Does a lawyer with a demonic possession have a conflict of interest? We’re back for Volume 2 of supernatural legal and actuarial hypotheticals! No prerequisites or required reading, just bring your questions about vampire life insurance and whether entering the fairy ring in the forest is actually a legally binding contract.  #CT18_tortwolves

Writing Outside the Binary
Mod: Dee Laundry & sarah b (la_dissonance)
When: 3:00 PM Friday, Pentagon C
What are good fandoms and communities in fandom for non-binary-gendered or genderqueer characters (canon or fanon)? What are good fanworks to rec?  How is writing or reading about alternate gender structures different from non-binary or genderqueer characters in a real-world gender structure? Share the joy of writing an OT4 where everybody has a different pronoun, talk about what we'd like to see in fandom and fanworks, and share tips on writing nonbinary and genderqueer characters.  #CT18_nonbinary

You Got Queerness In My Genre Shows! Finally!!!
Mod: Trixie (CL Finn) & Aral (arallara)
When: 1:00-2:30 Sunday, Pentagon B
The last few years have seen a real explosion of tv shows with LGBTQ characters, especially in speculative genres. Shows like Star Trek Discovery, The Magicians, Shadowhunters, Runaways, Wynonna Earp, and Black Sails have introduced queerness into science-fiction, fantasy, western, and pirate/age of sail genres. How do we feel about these representations? What haven't we seen yet that we really want? How do these characters fit into, comment on, and/or subvert the genres they're in? And what does this canon queerness do to and for our fandoms? When will Bury Your Gays stop being a thing? And when will the tentpole movie franchises finally catch up? (Looking at you, Star Wars and Marvel!)  #CT18_CanonQueer


Almost, But Not Quite, Entirely Unlike a Tea Party
Mod: axiom of stripe & gnomad
When: 2:00 PM Friday, Pentagon C
From pu-erh to green tea to Bertie Wooster's 'vital oolong,' let's talk (and sip!) about all things tea! We'll discuss the best brews we've found, whether it really does matter if the milk goes in first or last, and which of those fannish Adagio blends got your OTP right (or wrong, so very wrong). We will have a few teas for drinking and we highly encourage folks to bring some tea of their own to swap with friends.  #CT18_TeaParty

Dungeons and Dragons: I Need Beginning D&D, But the Game Store Only Has 'Advanced'
Mod: Coyotegestalt (Clay) & Katie (ktnb) & Solarcat & Brak
When: 10:00-11:30 AM Saturday, Eisenhower A
A primer for people who want to play D&D but don't know how to start. #CT18_D&D

Exquisite Fic
Mod: Grey Bard & maralenenok
When: 3:00 PM Saturday, Eisenhower A
Let's write a slash fic together! One sentence at a time! Without seeing anything but the previous sentence!  #CT18_ExquisiteFic

Fandom and Privacy in the 21st Century
Mod: zvi
When: 11:30-1:00 PM Saturday, Eisenhower B
Through the history of slash fandom, fans have kept their slash participation secret, or public, or both, through carefully controlling their privacy and their identities. How are we managing that in these days when slash fandom is going mainstream--and online privacy isn't?  #CT18_privacy

Fannish Pictionary
Mod: Corbae (Erin) & Jrho & maralenenok
When: 10:00-11:30 AM Sunday, Pentagon B
Fannish Pictionary brings characters from disparate fandoms together under strange and often sex-ay circumstances. Ever felt a deep yearning to draw Alexander Hamilton and Black Widow having a threesome with Pete Wentz? Join us for fannish pictionary to make your dreams come true.  #CT18_pictionary

How to Find Things
Mod: Corbae (Erin) & Bella (libraralien)
When: 2:00 PM Saturday, Eisenhower A
Old fic, new fic, read fic, blue fic: How do we find things in fandom these days? Bring questions or puzzlers and we'll discuss advanced AO3 searching, how to find pre-AO3 fanworks, if it is even possible to find old Tumblr posts, and so on.  #CT18_HowToFind

Learn to SMOF
Mod: melannen
When: 11:00 AM Sunday, Pentagon C
The Secret Masters of Fandom are the people who run cons, code and maintain websites, organize events, volunteer behind the scenes, and so on. Do you want to be one? Come learn how to join the cabal!  #CT18_SMOF

Putting Fandom to Work: How to Market Fannish Skills on Your Resume
Mod: Lily (enviropony)
When: 4:00 PM Saturday, Eisenhower A
Ever tweaked your Tumblr layout? Congrats, you have “experience with custom-designed websites using HTML and CSS.” Been modding a listserv since Harry Potter days? “Ten years experience in online community development.” Remember all those manips you made? “Advanced skills in Photoshop.” Bring your fandom know-how and we’ll brainstorm how to translate it into HR-speak (without totally giving away that some of the “freelance editing” involved coming up with replacements for phrases like “dueling tongues”).  #CT18_resume

Zines and Archives
Mod: melannen
When: 11:30-1:00 Saturday, Eisenhower A
Learn all about non-computer-based fanfic. What are zines and zine fandom like? How do you read them, learn about them, make them, own them, archive them?  #CT18_zines


F*** This Grim Cyberpunk Dystopia, Bring Us Luxury Queer Space Communism!
Mod: veronica (v_greyson) & cinco
When: 11:30-1:00 Sunday, Pentagon B
Enough with the dystopian, desaturated sci-fi, superheroes, schools of magic, and, frankly, real life. Let’s ride a technicolor rainbow to a better, gayer future. Preferably in space. We’ll talk about the canons and fanons that imagine how things could suck less, from escapism to utopia. Why is it important to dream a better future, and what is that future like?  #CT18_LQSC

Fairy Tales (and Where to Find the Good Ones)
Mod: Beth H. (bethbethbeth)
When: 11:00 AM Sunday, Eisenhower B
Fairy tales are an old-old fandom, and some of the modern retellings are pretty great. Perhaps it's the female leads that are kicking it up? Let's talk about which version of Red Riding Hood and Cinderella we love best, and why Evil Queens simply rule.  #CT18_fairytales

Fandom Drought
Mod: Ellen Fremedon
When: 3:00 PM Friday, Eisenhower B
Haven’t found a new fandom since your fave was cancelled?. What do you do to find a new fandom or pairing? How long have you ever been without a fandom? Come pimp your fandom or hear about obscure ones.  #CT18_drought

Fans Dig Robots!
Mod: Trixie (CL Finn) & Aral (arallara)
When: 4:00 PM Friday, Pentagon C
Robots and AIs and cyborgs and jaegers and astromechs and gynoids and constructs and ancillaries and Cybertronians, oh my!  #CT18_robots

Good for a Laugh
Mod: Monkeypie & maralenenok
When: 3:00 PM Friday, Eisenhower A
Smart sitcoms can combine sharp writing with great characters to deliver more than just a good joke. Current comedies like Brooklyn 99, One Day at a Time, and the Good Place have all given us queer characters and addressed current issues of race, class and gender. Or maybe you're more interested in discussing which Golden Girl was the best? Let's talk about modern and classic sitcoms that have something more to say.  #CT18_sitcoms

Lady Killers
Mod: Tree Wishes
When: 12:00 PM Sunday, Pentagon C
There are so many great female leads on screen these days who are killing it. I mean, really killing them. A lot. Wynonna Earp (and let's not forget Willa and Waverly), Jessica Jones, Liv Moore (iZombie), Dutch (Killjoys), Vanessa Helsing, ... and so many others. What's up with women as badass killers, what makes them so great, and who doesn't love Captain Killy (Discovery)?  #CT18_ladykillers

Like A Fine Wine: Do Fandoms Get Better with Age?
Mod: merisunshine36 & Azephrin
When: 11:00 AM Friday, Pentagon B
It's 2018, and thanks to archives and the internet a lot of fandom's recent history has been carefully preserved. Do you ever revisit your old favorites? Why? Let's walk down fandom memory lane and talk about the pleasant surprises we've found, which fandoms have lost their luster, and what makes a fic stand the test of time.  #CT18_FineWine

One-Shot Wonders
Mod: KateKintail & DJ
When: 2:00 PM Friday, Eisenhower B
Drowning in WIPs? Don't have time to read yet another novel-length fanfic? Come share your favorite one-shot recs! This is your opportunity to share that perfect one-shot you read once upon a time that will make everyone fall in love with your favorite fandom or pairing. Or maybe you've got a one-shot that's too wild or too hilarious to make it onto a normal rec list. Bring us your PWPs, your fluff, your crack pairings yearning to be read!  #CT18_oneshots

Singalong Vidshow: Electric Boogaloo
Mod: cinco & Corbae (Erin)
When: 11:00-12:30 PM Friday, Eisenhower A/B
Bride of Singalong Vidshow! More multifandom, captioned vids to sing joyously along with.  #CT18_SingalongVids

You Must Be At Least Four Centuries Old To Enter
Mod: melannen
When: 1:00 PM Sunday, Eisenhower B
The best fandoms are the old fandoms. The really old fandoms. From Shakespeare to Gilgamesh to the Sagas of the Icelanders, when will our OTPs finally get together? Which ancient text is slashiest? Which is the best adaptation of Journey to the West? Is 道 really best translated as the "The Discourse"? What is our favorite Julius Caesar joke? And will we finally solve, once and for all, the question of whether Achilles was a bottom?  #CT18_vintage


Black Lightning
Mod: zvi
When: 2:00 PM Sunday, Pentagon C
Let's talk about Black Lightning--what it has to say in dialog with the rest of the DC tv-verse, and in thematic dialog with Black Panther and other Black-led superhero stories. (And, of course, about the awesome women.)  #CT18_BlackLightning

Black Panther & Afrofuturism
Mod: zvi
When: 3:00 PM Friday, Pentagon B
You saw the movie, you read every single thing on AO3--what's next? Where to start in Black Panther comics and other canon, other Afrofuturist and Black-creator-led fandoms to get into, and how to find out more about the sources of Wakanda's worldbuilding.  #CT18_BlackPanther

Black Sails: Captain Flint's Big Gay Pirate War
Mod: Trixie (CL Finn) & Aral (arallara)
When: 12:00 PM Friday, Pentagon C
What if you wrote a 38-part backstory fanfic for your favorite novel from childhood, and you made it really gay and full of complex and varied female characters, and threw in some angst, hurt-comfort, polyamory, tall-ship porn, and anti-colonialist philosophy? Add a cable tv budget, and you've got Black Sails. Let's talk about how awesome this show was! And why it didn't spawn a bigger fandom. Also, how about that ending?!  #CT18_BlackSails

BtVS: Once More With Feeling (and Singing Along!)
Mod: cinco
When: 5:00 PM Saturday, Eisenhower B
In honor of BtVS's 20th anniversary, let's sing along to the musical episode (slightly trimmed for time) and roll around in all those feels. Buffy returns from the dead but is emotionally checked out! Giles decides to go back to England for reasons that were never particularly clear to your mod! Dancing vampires! Production numbers about dry cleaning! Buffy/Spike, before it all went wrong! Anya/Xander, before it all went wrong! Tara/Willow, in the midst of it all going terribly wrong! Captions provided, snark and cosplay welcomed.  #CT18_OMWF

Check Please, Please!
Mod: Beth H. (bethbethbeth) & Sanj
When: 10:00 AM Friday, Pentagon C
Over the past few years, Ngozi Ukazu's "Check, Please!"--with its diverse young cast of characters and charming same-sex romance--has become an incredibly popular "stealth fandom," drawing attention even from folks who typically have no particular interest in comic book fandoms or sports-related ANYTHING (and more often than you'd think, acting as a gateway drug to loving real-life hockey). Let's talk about it!  #CT18_CheckPlease

Doctor WHO? Welcome to The Thirteenth Doctor
Mod: Tree Wishes
When: 12:00 PM Friday, Pentagon B
So we have a female Doctor, but is she really the first? Let's talk about how women have veered close to Doctor-hood over the years, and why it was finally time to make it official. Was the Doctor the first canon trans character on screen? And which of the women who were almost-Doctors could have carried the role?  #CT18_DrWho

The Good Place: Moral Forking Philosophy with a Side of Shrimp
Mod: sarah b (la_dissonance) & ShoesOffBootsOn & Cosmic Tuesdays
When: 11:00 AM Friday, Pentagon C
Let's talk about The Good Place, the show about dead people, morality, choices, shrimp, robot sentience, love, belonging, cocaine, what we owe each other, and Janet.  #CT18_TheGoodPlace

Hockey Fandom: Fire and Ice
Mod: Beth H. (bethbethbeth) & Caorann
When: 5:00 PM Friday, Eisenhower A
Hockey Fandom: An always-evolving canon for one of the most exciting sports in the world, with all the background fic information you could want available at the touch of a keyboard, plus ample opportunities to actually participate in your fandom in real world ways. Let's talk about everything that's GREAT about men's & women's hockey fandom, without ignoring the fact that despite the push for inclusivity, things like sexism, homophobia, and racism continue to exist.  #CT18_hockey

Leverage: It’s a Very Distinctive Panel
Mod: zvi & Dee Laundry
When: 12:00 PM Sunday, Eisenhower A
A Leverage panel! Whether you’ve watched every episode or you want to learn more, come for the heists and stay for the found family, competence kink, OT3, and, of course, the ice-cold revenge served to bad guys who definitely had it coming.  #CT18_Leverage

Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Next Ten Years
Mod: merisunshine36
When: 11:30-1:00 PM Saturday, Pentagon B/C
From Iron Man to Infinity War, the MCU has completely upended the comic book film genre. But now that some of our most beloved characters are perhaps about to leave us, let's talk about what we'd like to see next. Who should take center stage, or be left on the cutting room floor? And I guess we should also talk about the DCEU...or maybe just Wonder Woman.  #CT18_MCU

Marvel's Runaways: But They Keep Not Running Away
Mod: Carmen (Greenygal) & Asha (Pleasance)
When: 4:00 PM Friday, Eisenhower A
The Runaways is a great comic and now a fascinating live action show. The actors playing the kids are amazing, and even better are the adults! Let's talk about all the great cross-generational, cross-species, and incestuous slashy goodness. And why is it taking them so long to run away?  #CT18_Runaways

Rivers of London: Tis' a Folly to be a Wisecrackin' Copper
Mod: lightgetsin & gnomad
When: 10:00 AM Sunday, Eisenhower A
Let's talk about Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London books! The series has been chugging along now for a while with no signs of ending in sight. Let's speculate about where we think Peter and the gang will go next, how many other media we think it will expand to (where IS that TV series, anyway?), and share recs for the good fic.  #CT18_RiversOfLondon

Star Trek Discovery: Disco On!
Mod: Tassoss
When: 4:00 PM Saturday, Eisenhower B
Star Trek Discovery has had a fungus-fueled, female-led, and fast and frantic first season. Let's talk about the newest series of the beloved canon. We'll share ships, favorite moments, and break down the obvious and not so obvious plot twists. Discuss Federation principles, what we hope for next season, and guess how much fun Spoiler Spoiler had Spoiler Spoilering.  #CT18_ST:DISCO

Star Wars: A Galaxy without Jedi?!?
Mod: katbear & MrsHamill & Grey Bard
When: 10:00-11:30 AM Saturday, Eisenhower B
So what was that "Last Jedi" thing really about? Is the Force still with us but with different players? Big Picture: What was SW and how has Disney changed SW with both the sequels and one-offs? What works (or not) for you these days with SW, or are original or prequels still where it's at for you? Where do you see fandom at these days or where might it be going? If you're into the new movies, is your squee with the SW mainline (Rey/Poe/Finn/Kilo Ren/Luke/Leia) or the one-offs (Jyn/Cassian/space husbands/Han etc.)?  #CT18_StarWars

Steven Universe: I Am Made of Love (And It's Stronger Than You)
Mod: Ellen Fremedon & Monkeypie & Holli
When: 1:00 PM Sunday, Pentagon C
Is Steven Universe the antidote to toxic masculinity? Let's talk about the boy whose power comes from his feelings and all of the awesome Gems who love him and each other. Spoilers will abound.  #CT18_StevenUniverse

Wonder Woman
Mod: Jrho
When: 2:00 PM Friday, Pentagon B
Focusing on Wonder Woman as currently appearing in the DC movieverse, what we hope to see from a sequel, favorite fanworks, and more.  #CT18_WonderWoman