CON.TXT 2020 Scholarships!

We're offering three scholarships for CON.TXT 2020!

Our Minotaur Scholarship is a memorial scholarship established by the CON.TXT concom for our friend and fellow fan Minotaur who was known for (among many other fine things) welcoming new fans and encouraging everyone to join in and have fun at fan gatherings and cons. This scholarship awards a full membership to one first-time CON.TXT attendee.

Our Diversity Scholarship was previously administered by Con or Bust and is inspired by their slogan, “Helping fans of color attend SFF cons." This scholarship awards a full membership and one hotel room night to one CON.TXT attendee of color.

Our Need-based Scholarship is made available partially through donations from fans; we will offer half-price memberships to fans who request them and, if possible, full memberships and hotel assistance. Need-based Scholarship recipients are asked to participate by volunteering for at least two hours during the con weekend.

If you are interested in one or more of these scholarship options, please email with “CON.TXT Scholarship - [scholarship/s you are applying for]” in the subject line.

If you have already registered for CON.TXT, you can still apply for a scholarship. If you are selected, your registration costs will be refunded to you.