Fan Fair

The Fan Fair is a 3-hour event on the Saturday of the con (July 30th, 2016) where con attendees can shop for art, handmade geeky goods, and other fannish items.

Vendors at the Fan Fair

3D Prints

Various 3D printed knick-knacks, featuring Dr.Who related pieces and more.

Aimee Fleck

Illustrator & designer selling fanart prints, tote-bags, patches, t-shirts, and buttons-- for Supernatural, Agent Carter, Captain America, Stargate: Atlantis, Star Wars, and more!

Bad Influence Press

Bad Influence Press is a small press specializing in fandom publishing.

Clare DeZutti

Illustrator selling fanart prints, fanzines, buttons, and stickers! Fandoms include Supernatural, Captain America, Marvel, Hannibal, Game of Thrones, and Firefly!

Deb Walsh

Pops, toys, and t-shirts with a geek twist.

Fannish Tarot Readings

Want to know your fannish fortune (will you get the gift story of your dreams in the next fic exchange)? Got a burning question about your favorite character (can they ever resolve that love triangle into an OT3)? Looking for a plot outline (how should they fight to get the best make-up sex)? cmshaw and Sanj read the tarot for you! We'll even do a reading for your RL side! *Fortune not a guaranteed prognostication.

Glorious Geekdom - Pottery

Artisan Quality Goodies - For Geeks, Gamers, Space Travelers and Time Lords! "Our goal is to produce handmade wheel thrown pottery that is artisan quality first, fandom art second. There's a ton of commercial stuff out there, we think you deserve better!"

melannen & Interrobang Studios

Fun fannish crafts and comics.


Handmade jewelry and textile art from vintage materials.

About the Fan Fair

We've created this event so that vendors will have a chance to sell and still attend panels. We know many CON.TXT attendees make incredibly cool things but don't want to spend the whole weekend sitting behind a vendor table. This way more of you will have a chance to share the things you make with your fellow attendees -- without missing the rest of the stuff you come to CON.TXT for.

We welcome a wide range of handmade, new, and used goods. If you make fanart, jewelry, fiber crafts, wearable items, zines, or other things with geek appeal, we'd love to have you. We're also interested in vintage zines, action figures, and other kinds of memorabilia. If you're not sure whether your goods are right for the Fan Fair, contact us before signing up, and we'll let you know if the things you want to bring haven't been big sellers in the past.

You can reserve a full table (6' x 3') or a half table (3' x 3', shared with another vendor). A full table costs $20 for con members (including day members) and $30 for nonmembers; half-tables are $10 for con members and $20 for nonmembers. If you aren't attending the full con but still want to partake of a little more than the fair, you can buy a day membership for $60, get $10 off your table fee, and attend all panels and events on Saturday. The Fan Fair is from 2 - 5 pm (setup begins at 1 pm); after that is a dinner break and then our Disco Duck dance party plus the Game Room.