CON.TXT Schedule for 2014

**Registration will be held on Thursday night from 8pm-10pm and will continue outside the ConSweet on Friday from 8am-5pm and 7:30pm-11pm, and on Saturday from 8am-6pm. Pre-registration for 2016 will be available outside the ConSweet on Sunday from 9am-3pm**

ConSweet Closed Dealer Set-up
Panels 1+2 Breakfast After you register, come into the Panel Rooms for a breakfast and coffee.  
9:30am ConSweet ConSweet Opens! After registration and breakfast, come into the ConSweet for pre-con mingling; also, check in items you submitted to the Ducks Deluxe Arts & Crafts Show and Auction (check-in continues through 1pm, except during the CON.TXT Context panel).  
10:00am ConSweet CON.TXT Context
Get late-breaking announcements, vote for hot topic panels, and meet the con comm!
11:00am Panel 1 Everyone, Because Avengers
bethbethbeth, gblvr, Thalia
There's a few Marvel ships that have huge amounts of fanwork for them. And then there's literally everyone else having epic sexual tension with literally everyone else. Come share your favorite Marvel ship, obscure or otherwise, with us, and be seduced into ours.
11:00am Panel 2 Monetizing Fandom
Tree Wishes
Remember when making money from slash was taboo? When fans were ostracized for selling zines for more than it cost to copy them? And then... and THEN. From selling zines on ebay to 50 Shades to fandom teas and nail varnish, show-sponsored fanfic contests, Kindle Worlds, and so much more .... is nothing left at the fannish potlatch? Let's find out if our sharing community can survive all of this. And if so, how?
11:00am Panel 3 Slash Through the Ages
Let's talk about our grandparents' slash. And their grandparents' slash. And all the way back to people squeeing about Enkidu and Gilgamesh in proto-Sumerian. Let us share stories of legendary Holmes/Watson porn from the 1890s, let us read dirty ditties in 19th century French about Enjolras and Grantaire's derriere; let us find Regency gents pruriently speculating about Darcy and Bingley, and read the bit in Don Quixote where Cervantes vindictively josses all the fic in progress and gloats about it. And let's discuss the joys and challenges of shipping pairings that have been shipped since before anyone living was yet born!
12:00pm Panel 1 Celebrating Femslash
Lily (enviropony), likeadeuce
From Xena/Gabrielle through Buffy/Faith to Pepper/Natasha. Whether they're best friends, bitter enemies, or characters who don't even talk to each other in canon, but totally should, let's talk about the pairings and possibilities of femslash. What are some of your favorite fandoms, characters, and tropes? Which writers do you follow to any fandom? Which stories do you have bookmarked to read over and over? Which Femslash Friday posts at The Toast make you pump your fist and go, "Hell, yeah!"? What femslash stories do you hope someone will go home and write tomorrow?
12:00pm Panel 2 D/s in Fic
sharkie, Lanna
D/s and fandom's many variations and takeoffs on it have been extremely popular and visible in slash fandom for the past several years. How do we write realistic D/s? How do we write unrealistic D/s? How do we negotiate the difference? Why have universes with dominance built in to the mechanics – or shoehorned in – become so immensely popular? What do we want to see more of in D/s in fanworks, and what do we wish we never had to see again?
12:00pm Panel 3 Rivers of London: 'Tis Folly to Be a Wizard
LightGetsIn, Ellen Fremedon
Let's talk about Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London books! A panel for meta about the series speculation about where it's going, and recommendations for where to find the good fic.
ConSweet Ducks Deluxe Opens The Ducks Deluxe Arts & Crafts Show and Auction is open! This is your opportunity to admire - and bid for - fan-made art, crafts, and other unique items of fannish interest. The silent auction goes through 6pm Saturday; on Sunday, there will be live auction for the items that received the most bids.
1:00pm ConSweet Lunch Sign up for a box lunch from Jimmy John's by 10am each day in the ConSweet!
    Word Wars
We'll bring paper, pens, and a selection of prompts (both sexual and non). You bring your creativity, and lets see what we can do in an hour!
1:00pm Panels
1, 2, 3
Lunch/DIY Panel Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a DIY panel in any of the panel rooms.
2:00pm Panel 1 Not Your Fandom's OTP
Eleanor Lavish, Sperrywink
Do you think Harry should have ended up with Neville? Are you a Scott/Stiles fan in a universe of Sterek? Have you waded through thousands of Marvel fics for the handful of Tony/Pepper/Steve stories and wept when you reached the end of them? Here's a panel for folks who love tiny pairings in big fandoms. Let's talk about how to hold up under a tide of 'but that's not what I was looking for!' and figure out if there are ways to increase fannish participation in rare pairs (so that you don't have to write them all yourself).
2:00pm Panel 2 The Trope That Ate Fandom: Alpha/Beta/Omega
zvi, Yvi
What are we really writing about when we write ABO fic? How did cracktastic kink in SPN and CWRPF spread to every other fandom known to slasher? What are the essential elements that turn your crank? What's the one little change you would make to make the whole thing better? Has anyone figured out a way to clearly mix ABO and Teen Wolf werewolf terminology? What's the most interesting version of ABO you've run across? And is queer ABO (A/A, O/O, etc) extra super slashy, or just people pushing the very few limits we've set for ourselves? How do you know whether a particular character is Alpha, Beta, or Omega, and does it have anything to do with their personalities or just a roll of the (authorial) die? And what good are betas for in this kind of universe anyway? Let's get together and answer questions and question answers.
2:00pm Panel 3 Tolkien: Six Degrees of Middle Earth
Corbae, Zana
Come discuss any and all flavors of Tolkien fandom...Lord of the Rings, LOTRiPS, The Hobbit, Silmarillion, you name it! Why is it that Middle Earth continues to inspire book-fans and movie-fans alike, after more than 75 years?
3:00pm Panel 1 Holmeses, Plural
From ACD to Johnny Lee, what is it about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson that keeps us coming back for more? Since 1887, these characters have gripped the public imagination. What made them instantly recognizable, and why has that fascination continued for more than a hundred years? How do subsequent incarnations of Sherlock and John reflect these eternal traits? What do Holmes and Watson embody that makes them so dear to every new generation?
3:00pm Panel 2 Where Do Slashbabies Come From?
LightGetsIn, insptr_penguin
Adoption, mpreg, ABO, surrogacy, babies falling from the sky, oopses, dead mommies. Acquiring children lives at an intersection of fun fannish fantasy and the complicated reality of queer family building. Let's talk about that, and all the stuff that goes into putting the kid in kidfic.
3:00pm Panel 3 Gear Head: Is It For You?
Are you hot for robot? Got a feel for steel? If you are fascinated by Seven of Nine, RoboCop, or Bucky Barnes' shiny, shiny metal arm, then come talk about awesome robots, androids, and replicants, (and cylons, cyborgs, and cybermen!), and the non-bots, part-bots, and others who love them.
4:00pm Panel 1 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Beth H. (bethbethbeth), gblvr
Having moved past what some critics saw as a slow start to its freshman season, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - with its intricately interwoven plot arcs, intriguing ties to comics canon, and amazing guest stars - has more than earned its place in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Plus, its cast actively ships all pairings. ALL pairings).
4:00pm Panel 2 Checking in on the Fannish Diaspora
Thalia, MrsHamill
From LJ to DW, the AO3, Twitter, Tumblr, and beyond... Help out this hopeless LiveJournal-clinger: What's fandom doing best on each platform these days? Although many fans complain about, for example, how difficult Tumblr makes it to have substantive conversations or track fannish creations, why does blog activity continue to drop? Have we shifted from a text-based to an image-based culture? From longer attention spans to shorter? Or have we simply branched out? Are there LJ/DW havens of activity beyond fail_fandomanon? And where might we be going next?
4:00pm Panel 3 My Gender Is Queer: Negotiating Fandom Terminology
Vik (viklikesfic), Dee Laundry
What is slash when we shift the gender paradigm? Does slash require both characters to share the exact same gender-identification? Beyond m/f, f/f, and m/m, how can we use existing fandom terminology and create new kinds to describe our queer fiction?
5:00pm Panel 1 Fun With Inverted Tropes
v greyson, Corbae
We all know the classics: accidental baby acquisition, huddling for warmth, woke up married, undercover in a gay bar, amnesia. What happens when you turn it inside out and upside down? From "woke up straight" to "the aliens made them AVOID doing it," what are your favorite inverted or subverted tropes? We'll talk about our favorite trope inversion fanworks and what tropes we'd like to see switched around next.
5:00pm Panel 2 More Is More: OT3s, Moresomes, and the Canons that Inspire Them
kerithwyn ('rith)
Is three the magic number? Do you always ship the whole team? Do you love sedoretu? Every fandom? Just one? And how do ensemble canons vs. canons with one or two leads affect things? Let's discuss relationships of more than 2.
5:00pm Panel 3 Star Wars: Glory, Gory, Hallejuah
KatBear, Ki (obi-ki)
Let's get together to look back and forward in the Star Wars universe. What were the most glorious moments in the past that stand out for you and what were the goriest, most horrific things that George Lucas inflicted upon us? What are you looking forward to in a rejuvenated fandom with new movies or what do you want to see happen?
6:00pm ConSweet ConSweet Closes ConSweet closes for Disco Duck set-up!
ConSweet Disco Duck! It's a party! The hors d'oeuvres and cash bar begin at 7:30, and the music, dancing, and visual entertainment begin at 8:00. Dress in your favorite clubwear or retro '70s get-up (if you want), watch your favorite guys (and girls) flash up on the screens to form all sorts of strange and serendipitous pairings, and—most important—mingle, see people you haven't seen in ages and others you've never met, and get into the con spirit. There will be a quieter area, too.
Panel 1 Tabletop Games
Alan (Esprix)
For a break from Disco Duck, join us for drop-in casual board games. We'll have old favorites like Monopoly, Scrabble and Uno, fannish games like Cards Against Humanity, Harry Potter Clue and slash: romance without boundaries, Eurogames like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride, and some games you probably haven't tried yet like Concept, Timeline and Dixit. Alan will be available to teach them all, so stop by for a quick game or stay for a few!
Panel 2 Viewing Station For a quieter evening, or a break from Disco Duck, head to Panel 2 for the viewing station!
8:00pm ConSweet Disco Duck! Musical and visual entertainment and dancing begin!
9:00pm, 10:00pm ConSweet Disco Duck! Music and dancing continue!
11:00pm ConSweet Disco Duck! Disco Duck winds down with an hour of quieter lounge music so you can socialize.
ConSweet OPEN - Breakfast ConSweet opens and a light breakfast will be available; help yourself at your convenience.
Panel 1,2 DIY Panel Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a DIY panel here.
9:00am Panel 3 DIY Panel: Go Go Power Rangers (in Bed)
Celli, thesecondbatgirl
10:00am Panel 1 Werewolf Torts and Undead Annuities
v greyson, alpheratz
You're bitten by a werewolf on the full moon, and wake up having caused $10,000 in property damage and terrified many teenagers. Who is liable? Join us to discuss this and other supernatural legal issues, like why not to make a contract with a vampire and whether you can sue a poltergeist. (Potentially featuring an extra discussion on vampires and life annuities.)
10:00am Panel 2 Making Story Happen
How do we go from a blank page to a finished story? Let's share tips, resources, and feels about the process of finding an idea, turning it into the basis of a story, research, improving on the nuts-and-bolts parts of the craft of writing, dealing with writer's block, editing and betas, and – last and worst – picking a title and summary.
10:00am Panel 3 Sleepy Hollow: It Was a Dark and Headless Night
Two witnesses, one Police Chief, and a mad, bad sister. How much are you looking forward to the next season of this show and what do you think will happen when we get there?
11:00am Panel 1 Welcome to Night Vale: Hello, Listeners
This is not an official announcement from City Council nor is it endorsed by Station Management, but O.M.G. we have *got* to talk about Carlos and his perfect, perfect hair. (And do let's talk about publicly conducted queer romance, a Latino love interest, headcanons for Cecil, the joys of domesticity, and small-town dates being lit by the neon of the Arby's sign.) (But now, no weather.)
11:00am Panel 2 Dubcon Fucking: How Does It Work?
Ellen Fremedon, Dee Laundry
Sex pollen. Pon Farr. Slavefic. Psychic Wolves. Genre fiction continues inventing and reinventing tropes to problematize consent, sometimes right out of existence – and fanfic continues to find new uses for them. In this panel, we'll talk about dubcon tropes and the range of work they do in our stories, from preserving the notion that Nice Girls (or Nice Vulcans) Don't, to reifying and interrogating rape culture, to allegorizing late-stage capitalism.
11:00am Panel 3 One-Off Movie Fandoms
Sperrywink, Eleanor Lavish
Inception. The Losers. Shelter. Live Free or Die Hard. Pacific Rim. Are you attracted to limited canon and all the spaces left open to explore? Do these fandoms have a short shelf-live or can the enthusiasm be extended and new fans enticed?
12:00pm Panel 1 Fannish Pictionary
Corbae, alpheratz
Have you always felt a deep yearning to draw stick figures of Rodney McKay and Patrick Kane having a threesome with Lydia Martin? Of course you have! Join us for fannish pictionary and make your dreams come true.
12:00pm Panel 2 Hot Topic Panel
X-Men Movieverse
Chosen during CON.TXT Context on Friday morning!
12:00pm Panel 3 Star Trek: Let's Talk Trek
KatBear, Grey Bard
From Kirk/Spock all the way through the years, let's talk about Star Trek and all its various permutations!
1:00pm ConSweet Lunch Sign up for a box lunch from Jimmy John's by 10am each day in the ConSweet!
    Fannish Stitch'n'Bitch
Starfish, sharkie
Let's bring our projects, and spend some time chatting about our BSOs of choice while we work on them. Fannish projects especially welcome, so that we can ooh and ahh and admire your creativity!
1:00pm Panels 1, 2 Closed Closed for set-up.
1:00pm Panel 3 DIY Panel: Go Fug Yourself  
2:00pm Panels 1+2 You and I and AU
Lanna, lynnmonster
Somewhere in all the continua is an alternate universe where I actually had a good description written up for this panel before posting it. I'm probably having a lot more gay sex in that universe, too. And working in a coffee shop. Discuss.
2:00pm Panel 3 Orphan Black: She, Herself, and We
cinco, kerithwyn ('rith)
The first rule of clone club is that they don't talk about clone club. The second rule is that none of the c-words are very good at following the rules. Let's talk about this amazing show, the multiple permutations of clone-cest, and what new developments the second season has given us.
3:00pm Panels 1+2 Captain America in Modern America
Katie (ktnb), sharkie, Holli
Let's talk about Captain America, and how the character has evolved from "The First Avenger" to "Winter Soldier." Do we still think he's an innocent flower, or did he and Bucky do the deed back in the day?
3:00pm Panel 3 Support Group for the Small-fandom and Between-fandom Fans
Do today's big fandoms like Teen Wolf, Sherlock, and the Avengers/MCU not do it for you? Are you left unenthused by major trends in fanfic, like alpha/omega dynamics? Are you into something unpopular, or maybe lying fallow for longer than usual? Let's hang out and commiserate – and maybe devise ways to become reinvigorated!
Panels 1+2 The Small Fandom Dating Game
Ellen Fremedon
Back by popular demand! Do you want a new steady fandom, or a Yuletide fling? Do you have a fandom you want to pimp? Come play the Small Fandom Dating Game, and we will set you up!
4:00pm Panel 3 Harry Potter: Now and Forever
Tree Wishes
15 years, 7 books, 8 movies, and infinite fanworks and we're still thinking about life at Hogwarts and Snape wearing corsets. Or the Gryffindor common room after hours, or what everyone in our new fandom's animagus would be. Let's get together and talk about the wizarding world, and what JK Rowling's recent rethinkings mean to us as fans. Also: how hot Neville and Hermione have become. Rwar.
5:00pm Panel 3 DIY Panel Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a DIY panel.
6:00pm ConSweet Ducks Deluxe Closes
ConSweet Closes

The Ducks Deluxe silent auction closes - make sure you have your bids in by 6pm sharp! The ConSweet and panel rooms close at 6pm for Vid Show setup.
Panels 1+2
Vid Show!
This year's vid show is a mix of submitted vids and favorites selected by the vid committee. Watch in the panel rooms if you want silence to hear and appreciate the vids, or in the ConSweet if you want to be able to chat, cheer, and come and go as you please. The bar will be open during intermission!
ConSweet Hollyslash Game Night
Stick around after the vid show for The Incomparable Hollyslash Game Night!
ConSweet Breakfast A light breakfast will be available in the ConSweet; help yourself at your convenience.
DIY Panel Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a DIY panel in any of the panel rooms.
9:00am ConSweet Pre-reg for 2016 Pre-register for CON.TXT 2016 (this continues all day long except during the Ducks Deluxe Auction)!
9:00am Panel 3 DIY Panel: Fargo
Dee Laundry
Partner? Aw, heck, why dontcha join us for a Fargo panel. Whether you're into two hitmen in love, suspect the Nygaard brothers have shot off more than a machine gun together, or think Molly should wait ten or so years for the smarter Grimly to come of age, come on down for a chat. I mean, maybe we'll be friends some day.
10:00am ConSweet Ducks Deluxe Auction & Raffle Ducks Deluxe Arts & Crafts Live Auction! Come bid for items that were most popular during the silent auction Friday and Saturday. Also, for a mere $2.00 per ticket, you'll have a chance to win one of many wonderful items in the CON.TXT 2014 Raffle, including books, DVD sets, zines, t-shirts, and a membership for CON.TXT 2016.
11:00am Panel 1 Tag, You're It! Tagging For Fun and Profit
Dee Laundry, starlady
Tags – on Tumblr, on AO3, on DW and Pinboard – tags are everywhere. How do tags work? What are the most effective ways to tag your fannish content so it can be found? What are the most effective ways to use tags to find content? Why does fandom love tags so much, and why do tags love us so much? Also an AO3 tag wrangler will be around to answer AO3-tagging-specific-questions.
11:00am Panel 2 (Comparatively) Recent History
Ellen Fremedon
Are you watching Call The Midwife? How about The Bletchley Circle, Bomb Girls, The Hour, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries or Downton Abbey? Come talk about the recent crop of twentieth-century historical shows, and the awesome ladies in them.
11:00am Panel 3 Vorkosigan: Money, Power, Sex, and Elephants
Lanna, insptr_penguin
The Vorkosigan series: From Beta Colony to Escobar to Barrayar to Cetaganda to Jackson's Whole and all of the above, from Cordelia to Aral to Miles to Miles to Elena to Ellie to Ivan to Gregor to the entire cast of thousands! From uterine replicators to yummy yummy complicated power dynamics!
12:00pm Panel 1 Ladies of Marvel
zvi, likeadeuce
You know Pepper, Natasha, Rogue, Jean, Mystique, Emma, Angel, Mary Jane, Gwen, and Electra from the movies, but there's EVEN MORE women in the Marvel Universe from comics. Are you Carol Corps, Kamala Corps, or both? How amazing is the new Black Widow book? Are you still bitter that Red She-hulk was canceled? Did you think there were more Fearless Defenders stories to be told? Did you think Karima and Monet were totally doing it in X-Men, Vol. 4? How many Jessicas in the Marvel Universe are friends with benefits? And are any of them sleeping with She-hulk? Let's talk about Ladies of Marvel, past and present, in all continuities.
12:00pm Panel 2 Wolfiness: Is Teen Wolf a Gateway Drug?
Teen Wolf, Being Human, Bitten, Lost Girl. The fur is flying on television this season. Sterek (Teen Wolf) is one of the most popular pairings – what are some of your other faves?
12:00pm Panel 3 Rule 34 in a Magical Universe
What could Magneto do for someone with piercings? Do the Weasleys use polyjuice potion to spice up their marriage? Could Willow use a memory charm to make it like the first time, every time? (Ok, that one's probably inadvisable...)You've looked at magical/mutant/alien characters with powers and you've said "I wonder if they..." and you've probably written/read some good fic on it. Let's talk about it and swap our favorite examples of putting ALL one's powers to good use.
1:00pm ConSweet Lunch
Pre-reg for 2016
Sign up for a box lunch from Jimmy John's by 10am each day in the ConSweet. Also, pre-registration for CON.TXT 2016 continues!
1:00pm Panel 1 Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't: Writing Difficult Topics
sharkie, gblvr
There are some stories that even if you do the research, even if you try your best, have the potential for wank. That leaves us two options – try anyway, or stick to the safe path. If you're willing to try anyway, what are the best ways to deal with the thorny issues of gender, sexuality, and race (among others) while remaining sensitive to people who live these lives?
1:00pm Panel 2 Bi-invisible? Non-monosexual Representation in Fandom
v greyson, cinco
Let's talk about canon bisexual characters, how bi characters are represented in fanworks, and the bi/pan/queer experience in fandom. Why were all the bi ladies on TV in the early aughts played by Olivia Wilde? Why are there a million "woke up gay" stories but characters rarely wake up bi? Does it even matter whether a character is bi or pan if the character is monogamous? (Hint: yes.) How can we avoid bi erasure in fanworks?
1:00pm Panel 3 Fading Fandoms
Some classic fandoms (Highlander and The Sentinel, for instance) are dwindling in activity. How do you deal with being a fan in one of these "fandoms in twilight"? Let's talk about ways to stay involved, and possible ways to reinvigorate these gems.
2:00pm Panel 1 Hockey RPF: Wait, Slashing's a Penalty?
Miriel (Mardahin), Celli
Are we done with the playoffs yet? (I don't know, I wrote this in April.) Do we have a new Cup champion? (Possibly; sorry Toews). Will there be slash? (Yes.) Is it necessary to watch the game to read fic? (NOPE!) Let's talk hockey!
2:00pm Panel 2 How To Put Fandom on Your Resume Without Putting Fandom on Your Resume
melannen, Lily (enviropony)
Brainstorming session! Fandom teaches critical-thinking skills, fosters an international community, provides a basic understanding of how life on the internet works, and other important life skills you can totally use professionally without necessarily telling your boss that you read 100K words of explicit Kirk/Spock a week. (Unless you want to.)
2:00pm Panel 3 Asexuality Round Table
Over the last several years, the visibility of asexuality in fandom has kept increasing. Come talk about the role of asexuality in fandom and in fanworks with other interested fans.
3:00pm ConSweet Dead Duck
The CON.TXT Con Comm
Come tell us what you thought of the fifth CON.TXT!
Floor Plan
Floor Plan of Con Space