CON.TXT Schedule for 2014

**Registration will begin Thursday night 8pm-10pm in the hotel restaurant bar area, and will continue Friday 8am-11pm and Saturday 8am-8pm in the hallway outside the ConSweet**

9:30am ConSweet ConSweet Opens! After you register, come into the ConSweet for pre-con mingling and a welcome snack; also, check in items you submitted to the Ducks Deluxe Arts & Crafts Show and Auction (check-in continues through 1pm, except during CON.TXT 101).  
10:00am ConSweet CON.TXT 101
Intro to the con: come find out what CON.TXT is all about, vote for Hot Topic panels, and meet the con comm!
11:00am Panel 1 Torchwood: Retcon, It's Not Just in the Drinks
Libitina, Ellen Fremedon
Torchwood has become a richly character-driven show, but as we've learned more about the characters and their back story they've become a bit different from how they were when we met them. Are these good developments? Maybe they aren't really changes and all the data points can fit.
11:00am Panel 2 Virgule or Slash? Fannish Lore and Terminology
A lot of conflict arises because we don't all define terms the same way. Let's explore definitions of terms like "AU," "AR," "gen," and similar points of contention. What can seasoned fans do to help bring new fen up to speed? Where can new fen find useful information like this?
11:00am Panel 3 Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition Metafandom Hordes!
zvi, Beth H.
Metafandom means that any unlocked post can go from 0 comments to sixty overnight. Maybe these comments are cheers, but maybe these comments are jeers. Let's talk about how to handle an unexpected comment storm so as not to go from metafandom to fandom_wank.
12:00pm ConSweet Lunch Box lunch served to those who ordered one in advance.
12:00pm Panel 1 Star Wars: Why Do We Love It and Where Is It Going?
KatBear, Ki/obi-ki, MrsHamill
What attracted you to SW -- nifty archetypes, situational ethics, fast ships, pretty boys? What keeps this 'dead as a doorknob' fandom hanging around, churning out new books, expanding its universe, and getting people to cons?
12:00pm Panel 2 DIY Panel
Sign up at the con to hold a DIY panel here!
12:00pm Panel 3 Fannish Stitch and Bitch
gblvr, Starfish
Where to find fannish knitting, crochet and needlework patterns and resources. See title for the agenda. :\)
1:00pm ConSweet Ducks Deluxe Opens The Ducks Deluxe Arts & Crafts Show and Auction is open! This is your opportunity to admire - and bid for - fan-made art, crafts, and other unique items of fannish interest. The silent auction goes through 6pm Saturday; on Sunday, there will be live auction for the items that received the most bids.
1:00pm Panel 1 Reboots, Retcons, and Multiple Continuities
cmshaw, Seperis
How do retroactive continuity changes, adaptation and perpetual added canon affect a fandom? The Batman and X-Men franchises, for example, have movies, animated series, books, and many lines of comics, only some of which are meant to overlap. What's your canon,and how do you share that with fellow fen?
1:00pm Panel 2 Vidding Kindergarten
AV Lad, Vyola
A basic -- no, more basic than THAT, the equivalent of "Cooking for People Who Can't Boil an Egg" -- introduction to vidding: equipment requirements, types of software required, capturing video, getting soundtracks, clip choice, and vidding ethics. What free stuff is online to make and share vids?
1:00pm Panel 3 Vorkosigan: Good Things Come in Small Packages
LightGetsIn (E. E. Beck), Celli
Come talk about Miles Vorkosigan, his life and times, the eternal 'why isn't there more Bujold fanfic?' debate, and plot the overthrow of large fandoms everywhere.
2:00pm Panel 1 Gender and Race Issues in Fandom
Lanning Cook, sharkie
How much gender and race issue baggage do fans carry around, and how does it affect the social and creative aspects of fandom? From the treatment of characters of color in fanfic to the "Open Source Boob Project" -- a discussion of cause and effect.
2:00pm Panel 2 FandomTech: Portable Slash,, and Other Intarweb Magic
Minotaur, Tree Wishes
Come talk tech: How to find slash on the web, get it sorted, and take it on the road. Let's talk tools, hardware, webware, and tips/tricks for stories, art, vids, and more!
2:00pm Panel 3 Age of Sail: Pirates, Pinnaces, and Planks
Jo Graham, Katy (stellar_dust)
Historical slash in the Age of Sail presents some unique challenges. Gritty realism? Fantasy fun? Or PWP? Let's discuss!
3:00pm Panel 1 Hot Topic: TBD
This panel topic will be chosen during CON.TXT 101.
3:00pm Panel 2 Stargate Atlantis: Ethics in Pegasus
Molly_o, CJ Andre
Crazy things happen in the Pegasus galaxy and sometimes the ethics get (more than) a bit dodgy. Even if TPTB decide to address ethical questions in the script, they generally don't do it to fans' satisfaction -- which leaves plenty of chewy conversations for us to have.
3:00pm Panel 3 The Professionals: Still Crazy After All These Years
Justacat, Kris
What makes the Bodie/Doyle partnership work? What do they give each other and what do they get from each other? How do they complement, and complete, each other? And how do their similarities and differences contribute to smooth efficiency on the streets -- or fireworks in the bedroom?
4:00pm Panel 1 Harry Potter: Snape's Big Dick, Harry's Quidditch-toned Thighs, and Fanon in Slash
swtalmnd, DementorDelta
Every fandom has its fanon. What's survived 7 books of Harry Potter to live on in the hearts, minds and fics of the fen? Join us as we talk about what's old and new fanon, what's pairing-specific, and what's just plain hot!
4:00pm Panel 2 Basic Icons with the GIMP
melannen, Katy (stellar_dust)
GIMP is a completely free, cross-platform, open source graphics editing program that can do almost anything Photoshop can (and some things Photoshop can't). We'll guide you through downloading and installing GIMP, give you a basic tutorial on turning a screencap into an icon, and offer tips for more advanced techniques.
4:00pm Panel 3 Lesser Pairings in Greater Fandoms
gblvr, wyomingnot
When one pairing dominates a fandom, the small pairing fans feel stifled, and at times, pretty frustrated. Discussion will include pimping strategies, how to find others who like your pairing, and tips for finding rare pair fiction.
5:00pm Panel 1 Creating Fandom as a Safe Space for Fen of Color
zvi, ciderpress
Let's talk about: supporting each other in the face of racism, finding and welcoming new fen of color, connecting across nationalities, and signalling in-group conversation not intended as general education. (Panel for Fen of Color and Jewish fen. White allies welcome.)
5:00pm Panel 2 Breaking the Fourth Wall: When Actors (and Writers and Producers) Interact with Fans
Alanna (Bayleaf), Aral (arallara), Fuschia
We cringe about inappropriate fan interactions with actors, but is the dynamic different when actors bring up slash? Their blogs or message boards further blur the lines. Is increased interactivity a problem, a marketing ploy, or part of the natural evolution of fandom and slash on the Internet?
ConSweet Disco Duck! It's a party! The hors d'oeuvres begin at 7, and the music, dancing, and visual entertainment begin at 8. Dress in your favorite club wear or retro '70s get-up (if you want), watch your favorite guys (and girls) flash up on the screens to form all sorts of strange and serendipitous pairings, and -- most important -- mingle, see people you haven't seen in ages and others you've never met, and get into the con spirit. There will be quieter areas, too, and you can use Panel Rooms 1 and 2 if you want to take a break and play board games or just sit and talk.
ConSweet Breakfast A light breakfast will be available in the ConSweet; help yourself at your convenience.
9:00am Panel 1 DIY Panel
Sign up at the con to hold a DIY panel here!
9:00am Panel 2 DIY Panel
Sign up at the con to hold a DIY panel here!
9:00am Panel 3 DIY Panel
Sign up at the con to hold a DIY panel here!
10:00am Panel 1 Crossovers: We Like Them!
melannen, Giddy
What crosses well -- what are the little black dresses in fandom? What do we mean when we say certain fandoms "should" or "shouldn't (but do anyway)" cross? And what is it that makes a crossover work? Come share the best ones out there.
10:00am Panel 2 Torchwood: An Embarrassment of Riches
Creatch, Sydni_6.4
Gay and bi characters abound in the gift to slashdom, Torchwood, but being gay or bi isn't the focus of this excellent bit of sci-fi. Come talk about your favorite TW pairings and what having a show like this means to us as die-hard slashers.
10:00am Panel 3 Supernatural: Hell of a Season Finale
aerye, Sanj
OMG, Dean. OMG, Sam. OMG DEAN!! Let's talk about that final episode -- what we expected, what we didn't expect, and where does "No Rest for the Wicked" leave us? Come laugh! Cry! Shake your fist at Kripke!
11:00am Panel 1 Stargate Atlantis: John Sheppard - Action Hero as Dork
drlense (Sarah), Liz (mrsronweasley)
Stargate Atlantis has a pretty basic sci-fi premise -- but Joe Flanigan chooses to play the main character as a socially awkward dork, rather than follow the typical action hero blueprint. What effect has this choice had on the rest of the show and the other characters?
11:00am Panel 2 Harry Potter: Divining the Future
Meri, Beth H.
After Deathly Hallows, where is Harry Potter slash fandom going? Many of the major slash pairings were hit very hard by the end of the series. What's a slash fan to do? Let's discuss ways to bring back the dead, get around the marriages, and get our guys back together.
11:00am Panel 3 Comics 101: How to understand them, where to find them, and why we love them
Neotoma, Grey Bard
A discussion of the techniques and tropes of comics -- how to read and understand these epic and not-so-epic tales. Also, we'll give you the scoop on fan favorites that you might want to look out for, where to find them as books and as webcomics, and where to find the fic!
12:00pm Panel 1 DIY Panel
Sign up at the con to hold a DIY panel here!
12:00pm Panel 2 The Care and Feeding of Ficathons
Beth H., Penknife
Let's talk about ficathons and fests: how to start one, how to run one, and how to handle it when things go wrong. Come and discuss different types, rules and tools that can be helpful for moderators, and what to do about common problems.
12:00pm Panel 3 DIY Panel
Sign up at the con to hold a DIY panel here!
1:00pm Panel 1 The Making of a Fandom
Libitina, serpentjody
As new media properties emerge, can we predict which ones will be huge and which will have a niche audience, which will endure and which will be flashes in the pan? What makes something "fannish" and "slashy"? What changes when more fans become TPTB and there are more fan shout-outs?
1:00pm Panel 2 The Art of the AU, or why we like to take our guys and make them into ballerinas, baristas, or aeronauts...
gblvr, MrsHamill
Why are Alternate Universe stories so popular in some fandoms, but not in others? What makes for a good AU? What's the best AU you've read in any fandom? Let's talk about Steampunk, Desert Princes, Roman slaves, Ballerinas and Baristas!
1:00pm Panel 3 Ladies' Love Show and Tell
Qurinas, ivy (hederahelix)
Think you have the next big pairing in femslash? Think you have an "oldie but a goodie" that is overlooked? Tell us or show us! Get your pimpin' hat on and come on down. Let's explore ways to see more femslash in our favorite fandoms!
2:00pm ConSweet Afternoon Snack Drop by the ConSweet to satisfy your midday munchies!
2:00pm Panel 1 Bandom: Stagegay and Post-Feminist Reconstruction of Masculinity
Aral (arallara), Trixie/CL Finn
Without dissing the sincerity or political cred of our bandom guys, let's examine the way their presentation of sexually ambiguous, potentially feminist masculinity reflects and builds on feminist and queer cultural work in mainstream culture as well as DIY indie culture in the last twenty-some years.
2:00pm Panel 2 Writing Longer Stories
ElmyraEmilie, CJ Andre
You're lucky to get to a thousand words, and you're consumed by Novel Envy. What do novelists do differently? What can they teach us, even if we never want to write more than a PWP? This panel will be a discussion of how to plot, write and edit longer stories.
2:00pm Panel 3 Firefly: Browncoats Redux
Executrix, serpentjody
Flans: what do you think of the Serenity comics? Will there ever be a revived series or a BDMII? Should there be? What are you writing/reading/vidding in the 'Verse?
3:00pm Panel 1 Hot Topic: TBD
This panel topic will be chosen during CON.TXT 101.
3:00pm Panel 2 Porn Battles, Flash Fiction, and the Art of the Drabble
cmshaw, Gloriana
What inspires you most for short fiction? What themes work well in this length? What are your favorite collections of related short pieces of slash? How do you rec, tag, and otherwise save short fiction for rereading? And most importantly, how awesome is it to have bite-sized bits of slash?
3:00pm Panel 3 The Personal Politics of Slash?
Executrix, Teresa/beanside
To what extent is slash fandom a female space? A queer space? Is reading and writing slash transgressive? Feminist? Misogynist? Racist? Left- or right-wing? For all of these issues, the question is not only to what extent is it true now, but could it or should it be true?
4:00pm Panel 1 Canon vs. Fanon: Characterization Smackdown
Molly_o, Ellen Fremedon
When fanon deepens, tweaks, or radically alters a character, is that transformative or is it bad writing? How much does fidelity to canonical characterization matter to you? Examples from SGA, House, and Buffy immediately come to mind -- bring others!
4:00pm Panel 2 Going Pro: What Does It Take To Make Slash Canon?
Ivy03, Jo Graham, Vincent Diamond, JM Snyder
Slash in print? It's happening more and more. Join us for a panel discussion about publishing and marketing with authors who have done it, moderated by an editor who knows the business.
4:00pm Panel 3 Six Degrees of Canada: When the Actors Are Your Fandom
omphale23, Nos (nos4a2no9)
Paul Gross. Callum Keith Rennie. Hugh Dillon. Canada. With explanatory diagrams. Join us in penetrating the C6D fandom.
Panels 1+2 Organization for Transformative Works: Archives, Academia, and All This Publicity
shrift, Shoshanna
Discuss the need for a safe, dry place to keep the fruits of our labor, to which the fans have the keys. What are the pros, cons, and implications of OTW? Is raising the profile of fandom a good thing? What about wikis and fandom academic journals?
5:00pm Panel 3 DIY Panel
Sign up at the con to hold a DIY panel here!
6:00pm ConSweet Ducks Deluxe Closes
The Ducks Deluxe silent auction closes - make sure you have your bids in by 6pm sharp!
Panels 1+2
Vid Show!
This year's vid show is a mix of submitted vids and favorites selected by the vid committee. Watch in the panel rooms if you want silence to hear and appreciate the vids, or in the ConSweet if you want to be able to chat, cheer, and come and go as you please.
ConSweet Fannish Games
Stick around after the vid show for "Slashium," a mash-up of the Spelling Bee from CON.TXT 2006, Pictionary, Cranium and a very twisted sense of humor. Fun to play and possibly more fun to watch and laugh at with. Additional rounds and other fannish games that strike our fancy are possible as time permits!
ConSweet Breakfast A light breakfast will be available in the ConSweet; help yourself at your convenience.
10:00am ConSweet Ducks Deluxe Auction Ducks Deluxe Arts & Crafts Live Auction, run by the lovely and incomparable Shoshanna! Come bid for items that were most popular during the silent auction Friday and Saturday.
11:00am Panel 1 When You Get What You Want
Celli, shrift, Minotaur
Matt and Mohinder become Molly's Two Daddies. Jack and Ianto make out on screen. Christian and Oliver wake up in bed together. Slashers spend a lot of time writing happily-ever-afters we expect to stay entirely imaginary -- what happens when slash starts becoming canonical?
11:00am Panel 2 Due South: Three Dicks and a Wolf
aerye, Ande
Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski: A polyamorous fangirl's dream? A love that heals all wounds? Or just sex on a stick with choke cherries on top? Come talk about what makes this OT3.
11:00am Panel 3 A Fandom of One
So you've just watched the 2am classic movie, or read that novel you picked up on a lark, and you're utterly convinced IT'S SLASH and there MUST be fic! But no one is interested and yuletide doesn't start for another six months -- what next? Here's your chance to talk about finding and posting fic and building community in those really tiny fandoms. Also, of course, a chance to pimp your favorites that nobody's ever heard of!
12:00pm Panel 1 Doctor Who: What's a Slasher to Do with Old School Who? Quite a Lot!
Ellen Fremedon, Sanj
Doctor Who's forty-year history has something for everyone: slashers, femslashers, even het and gen fen. We'll introduce you to the eight previous Doctors and their companions and foes, and to where to find resources for episodes, spin-off media, fic, and meta, to get you through next year's hiatus.
12:00pm Panel 2 Fannish Norms: Square Pegs Unite!
Seperis, synecdochic
Every fandom evolves their own commonly-accepted rules and opinions. Sockpuppets: yea or nay? Okay to criticize TPTB in public, or no? We'll discuss how 'everybody' in your fandom learns which opinions will kick off a storm, and what to do when you disagree with your fandom about what's okay -- and what's offensive.
12:00pm Panel 3 Out of the Shadows and Into the Courts: Fair Use and Fandom
Christine (strangecobwebs)
What exactly is fair use? What are the differences between infringement and plagiarism? What about derivative vs. transformative? We'll discuss the definitions and guidelines associated with fair use, check out what the courts have said, and talk about the implications for fans.
1:00pm Panel 1 Star Trek: TOS: Old School becomes New School
Ellen Fremedon, Penknife
Let's discuss Trek, TOS, and the current state of fannish affairs! What do we think of the new Star Trek movie -- will it rejuvenate the fandom? What is it going to change? Can we start slashing the new guys yet?
1:00pm Panel 2 Being Fannish Without A Fandom
Tree Wishes, Jill (Rubyrosered)
What do you do when you're not feeling fannish about anything, but you still want to be part of fandom? When you're not reading the fic, poring over episode details, and squeeing about the BSOs, let's talk about why it's important and how you can stay in the mainstream.
1:00pm Panel 3 Vids are Pimptastic!
What is it about a vid that can drag you into a new fandom or renew your love for your current one? What makes a great pimp vid, iPod vid, con vid, or living room vid? Let's talk about what we want to see and why we looooove our favorites.
2:00pm Panel 1 It Was Great The First Time
AV Lad, Vyola, Serpents' Minion
From Classic Trek to the original Battlestar Galactica (and the original Star Wars trilogy, for the love of force!). There's a joy to the first iteration. What is it about these works that brings out so much nostalgia in their fans?
2:00pm Panel 2 But If, Baby, I'm the Bottom, You're the Top
LightGetsIn (E. E. Beck), Tree Wishes
When we describe one character as "topping" another, do we mean "tab A into slot B" or do we mean dominance and submission? How do seme/uke and erastes/eromenos roles transfer across fandoms -- or to non-penetrative sex? Let's talk about top/bottom roles, masculinity and femininity, and how it all fits together.
2:00pm Panel 3 DIY Panel
Sign up at the con to hold a DIY panel here!
3:00pm ConSweet Dead Duck
The CON.TXT Con Comm
Come tell us what you thought of the second CON.TXT!
Floor Plan
Floor Plan of Con Space