CON.TXT Schedule for 2010

**Registration will begin Thursday night 8pm-10pm in the hotel restaurant bar area, and will continue Friday 8am-11pm and Saturday 8am-8pm in the hallway outside the ConSweet**

7:00am-9:30am ConSweet Closed Dealer Set-up
7:00am, 8:00am, 9:00am Panel 1 Open Open for hanging out, drinking coffee, etc.!
7:00am, 8:00am, 9:00am Panels 2, 3 DIY Panel/PopTart Party Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a PopTart Party or DIY panel here.
9:30am ConSweet ConSweet Opens! After you register, come into the ConSweet for pre-con mingling and coffee; also, check in items you submitted to the Ducks Deluxe Arts & Crafts Show and Auction (check-in continues through 1pm, except during the CON.TXT Context panel).  
10:00am ConSweet CON.TXT Context
Get late-breaking announcements, vote for hot topic panels, and meet the con comm!
11:00am Panel 1 Gay & Lesbian Movies That Don't Suck
Brak, Barbana
A discussion of gay and/or lesbian themed movies (and TV shows) that don't end in doom and gloom—think happy endings here, folks!
11:00am Panel 2 Love the Characters, Hate the Show
How do you deal with the TV show where the characters really speak to you, but the show as aired on television is a regular torture session? How do you keep the love alive, how do you keep up with canon developments, and how do you talk about the things you hate while still convincing people to try your fanactivity? Do you spend all of your time writing "fix-it" fic or comics or vids, or can you do other slashy stuff instead and just ignore the bad parts of canon?
11:00am Panel 3 Adam Lambert: yay yay yay gay!
LightGetsIn, Alanna (Bayleaf)
Celebration, introduction, and squee, with optional meta.
12:00pm ConSweet Lunch Box lunch served to those who ordered in advance.
12:00pm Panels
1, 2, 3
Lunch/DIY Panel Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a DIY panel in any of the panel rooms.
1:00pm-5:30pm ConSweet Ducks Deluxe Opens The Ducks Deluxe Arts & Crafts Show and Auction is open! This is your opportunity to admire - and bid for - fan-made art, crafts, and other unique items of fannish interest. The silent auction goes through 6pm Saturday; on Sunday, there will be live auction for the items that received the most bids.
1:00pm Panel 1 Femslash: This is Not the Recruiting Panel
zvi, dex webster
Let's talk about girls having sex with girls. It is awesome, and we would like to discuss it: the sexiest babes, the hottest sex scenes, the coyest flirtations, the lowest necklines, and the highest hemlines.
1:00pm Panel 2 What We Talk About When We Talk About Slash Fandom
What is this thing we call "slash fandom" these days? What will be the next Great Big Freaking Slashy Deal—or will there even be one? How do we survive as a community when we're all slashing different fandoms and using different social networking platforms? What's the future for cons?
1:00pm Panel 3 Supernatural: Angels and Demons and Hunters, Oh My!
Even though Kripke said it would only last five seasons, Supernatural has been renewed for a sixth season. How long can the apocalypse last, and more importantly, when is Castiel going to lose that pesky virginity? In and around the squee, let's talk about archangels and Horsemen and whether or not Sam and Dean are bound for eternal damnation or a life in the hereafter....
2:00pm Panel 1 Harry Potter and the Epilogue
Qurinas, Beth H.
Many fans felt that JKR destroyed Harry Potter slash fandom with a few hundred words at the end of Deathly Hallows. This provides great challenges—and opportunities!—to "fill in the blanks" for post-Hogwarts fic. Let's talk about what it means for slasher to be in or out of the EWE crew ("Epilogue? What epilogue?") and what we think we'll see on the big screen in the next two flicks.
2:00pm Panel 2 Taking over the Asylum
Ellen Fremedon, Sanj
The writers for the Star Trek reboot based their conceptions of the characters as much on the Trek novels of the '80s as on the show; the writers of the new Doctor Who are drawing ideas and episode outlines from tie-in novels, comics, and audioplays. All these licensed fanworks exchanged ideas with each other, and with the fandoms that supported them: the revived franchises owe a lot to fannish interpretations of the shows. What's the difference between having showrunners who are generically fannish—like in Leverage, Middleman, and (for good or ill) Supernatural—and showrunners who came out of the very fandom they're now running?
2:00pm Panel 3 Fanmixes and Mashups
Erin Ptah, melannen
Fandom has expanded past fic, into vids, crafts, and all sorts of multimedia combinations. A panel for people who do fanmixes to talk about fanmixing: resources, style, graphics, media, and discussion on fanmixing's role and image in wider fandom.
3:00pm Panel 1 Is Nothing Sacred? Crackfic, Crossovers and Weirdo AUs
Eleanor Lavish, Schuyler
Do you love turning characters into inanimate objects? Do you love taking three fandoms and mashing them together? If you put the Jonas Brothers in Starfleet but still hook them up with each other, is that an AU or a crossover? Does crackfic have to be funny? Let's hash out some definitions for these things (no consensus required!), talk about what fandoms make for the best crossovers, share some of our favorite fics, and laugh until we can't breathe!
3:00pm Panel 2 Hot Topic Panel: How soon is too soon?
merisunshine36, Lisa
This panel topic was chosen during the CON.TXT Context panel.
3:00pm Panel 3 Firefly: I'll Be In My Bunk
Mascot, mammal
The question is, of course, who else will be in your bunk? Let's talk about space westerns, companions, frontier lovin', and just how many ways a ragtag crew of smugglers can bunk down together.
4:00pm Panel 1 Kinked for Kink Memes
Vikki, Katie (ktnb81)
What's the appeal of the kink meme, and what sort of fandoms work best for getting them on? On the internet, no one can see you blush—but how far are you willing to go in front of a live audience? Let's find out!
4:00pm Panel 2 RPS Tinhatters: Still the Lunatic Fringe?
Aral (arallara), Trixie/CL Finn
RPS fans have long used the term "tinhatter" as a way of describing/policing the boundaries between the fandom mainstream and the "crazy" fringe. Recently, tinhatting is being used by fans to self-identify in new ways. In American Idol fandom, the term is used both for ironic lulz and in SRS BSNS defiance. Self-identified tinhatters in J2, Merlin RPS, and Star Trek RPS certainly appear more out-and-proud about their activities than Lotrips or Popslash tinhatters back in the day. What does the evolution of this term tell us about how we negotiate the discomforts of constructing narratives about real people and our ambivalent relationship to canon? Are tinhatters really doing anything so different from media fans who closely read source material and use it to analyze characters and relationships?
4:00pm Panel 3 Gay Steampunk Sherlock Holmes
omphale23, sansets
This ain't your mama's Sherlock Holmes. Is it yours? Is it crazy enough? Just how would you get this Holmes to slow down long enough for sex? (Show your work, please!)
5:00pm Panel 1 Star Trek Beyond the Shows
Star Trek paracanon! Come talk Rihannsu-verse, and how Marshak & Culbreath got away with that, and Admiral Uhura head of Starfleet intelligence, and Pike/Number One comicsverse, and the first time Jimmy Kirk ran away from home and nearly plummeted to his death, and so much more. Spock/Saavik, New Frontier, and all of the other things that make up the television shows and movies are only the beginning. If you aren't familiar with Star Trek paracanon, come and get an introduction and some starting points!
5:00pm Panel 2 Free Culture & Open Source Software
synecdochic, Cesy
Making your own tools. Controlling your own computer. Telling your own stories. Free Culture is a concept fandom has been sort of practicing on its own, but there's a lot of world out there to explore. Let's talk about what it is and how to get involved.
5:00pm Panel 3 Closed Panel Room 3 closes for the rest of the night
5:30pm ConSweet Closed ConSweet closes to prepare for Disco Duck!
6:00pm Panel 1 Open See your old fannish friends and make new ones, meet people you've only known online, and just hang out for a while.
6:00pm Panel 2 DIY Panel: Star Wars
KatBear, MrsHamill
What do we like and what's still hot?
7:00pm Panel 1 Open See your old fannish friends and make new ones, meet people you've only known online, and just hang out for a while.
7:00pm Panel 2 DIY Pizza Party: Fandom Secrets
Come eat pizza and talk about fandom secrets!
ConSweet Disco Duck! It's a party! The hors d'oeuvres begin at 7:30, and the music, dancing, and visual entertainment begin at 8:00. Dress in your favorite clubwear or retro '70s get-up (if you want), watch your favorite guys (and girls) flash up on the screens to form all sorts of strange and serendipitous pairings, and—most important—mingle, see people you haven't seen in ages and others you've never met, and get into the con spirit. There will be quieter areas, too, and you can use Panel Rooms 1 and 2 if you want to take a break and play board games or just sit and talk.
8:00pm ConSweet Disco Duck! Musical and visual entertainment and dancing begin!
8:00pm Panel 1 Open Quiet space and/or board games.
8:00pm Panel 2 Evening Panel Recap
Recap and discussion of Friday's panels.
9:00pm, 10:00pm ConSweet Disco Duck! Music and dancing continue!
9:00pm, 10:00pm Panel 1 Open Quiet space and/or board games.
9:00pm, 10:00pm Panel 2 Night Owl Stitch 'n' Bitch  
11:00pm ConSweet Disco Duck! Disco Duck winds down with an hour of quieter lounge music so you can socialize.
11:00pm Panel 1 Open Quiet space and/or board games.
11:00pm Panel 2 Shut Up and Write/Draw  
6:30am Lobby Beat-the-Heat Run Meet in the lobby for an early morning run before the DC heat and humidity kick in.
7:00am Panel 1 Open Open for hanging out, drinking coffee, etc.!
7:00am Panel 2 DIY Panel/PopTart Party Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a PopTart Party or DIY panel here.
ConSweet OPEN - Breakfast ConSweet opens and a light breakfast will be available; help yourself at your convenience.
8:00am Panel 1 Morning Panel Recap
Recap and discussion of Friday's panels
8:00am Panel 2 DIY Panel/PopTart Party Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a PopTart Party or DIY panel here.
8:45am Panel 3 Restorative Yoga
Forty-five minutes of basic yoga postures and stretching—nothing too strenuous, just a little something to jump-start your day.
9:00am Panel 1 Early Bird Stitch 'n' Bitch
9:00am Panel 2 DIY Panel: Glee Come talk about Glee!
10:00am Panel 1 Slash and the Dream of Actually Gay Characters
Eleanor Lavish, ciaan
Once upon a time slash was based on subtext between two "straight" characters, a whole universe from longing looks and innuendo. What happens when our characters start canonically coming out of the closet? What happens when they don't come out but TPTB play "gay chicken" with us? How does this affect us when we slash these characters? How does this make us squee? Let's get some gay meta going on!
10:00am Panel 2 Gadgetopia: You Can Take Your Slash With You
sharkie, serpentjody
E-book readers, PDAs, cellphone apps, and netbooks are all ways to take slash and fan art on the go. Come, show off your gadget! Recommend or talk down products and manufacturers. What is the next best thing that will make a slasher's life complete?
10:00am Panel 3 Psych: Surprisingly Deep!
Aral (arallara), zvi
For such a silly, ridiculous show, Psych is surprisingly deep and awesome about race, class, and gender. The two leads are interracial, inter-class BFFs (who are *so* *married*, right down to the in-laws and the joint tax returns), and the show has more than one relatively non-stereotyped, complex female character. We can talk about the problematic bits of the show that do bug us, but let's also squee about how fantastic it is!
11:00am Panel 1 DIY Panel:  OTW Meetup
Shoshanna, kisahawklin
Are you a member, staffer, volunteer, or fan of the Organization for Transformative Works? Are you curious about what the OTW does, and who's involved with it, and how best to preserve our fannish culture, and when the Archive Of Our Own will host art/vids/your favorite ficfest/a big party? Come hang out with other interested and interesting people and share your thoughts, excitement, and ideas for the org!
11:00am Panel 2 Memory Sharing for Friends We've Lost Share your memories of fannish friends we've lost, particularly in the past year, or listen to others and remember in your own way.
11:00am Panel 3 Sinister Ducks
From Star Wars to Good Omens and beyond, ducks permeate all of our fandoms. What is their sinister plan of total domination? And is there still time to stop it? Your moderator will present extensive evidence of the conspiracy, including handouts, followed by group debate about such important questions as "Jensen Ackles and David McCallum: Double Agents?" and "Did Bert and Ernie curse slash fandom for all time?" and "How much does Alan Moore really know?"
12:00pm ConSweet Lunch Box lunch served to those who ordered in advance.
12:00pm Panel 1 DIY Panel: Oz Meetup Oz fans meet here!
12:00pm Panel 2 DIY Panel: Temeraire
Ellen Fremedon
Come talk about Naomi Novik's Temeraire universe!
12:00pm Panel 3 DIY Panel: RPF
Come talk about Real Person Fanfic!
1:00pm Panel 1 The Eleventh Doctor
Ellen Fremedon, Thalia
Best Doctor ever? Worst thing that's ever happened to the show? Too subtle for such superlatives to capture? Let's talk about him! The season finishes in June (*wibble* *squee* *wibble*), so we'll have plenty to discuss.
1:00pm Panel 2 The History of Us: The Fanlore Wiki
Meri, Cin, CordeliaV
Fanlore is a wiki for, about, and by fans and fan communities that create and consume fanworks. What is *our* definition of "notability"? Sometimes it seems like all of fandom before 2003 is invisible these days, whether you were there or not—and even more recent events are difficult too, especially if they happen outside the meta mainstream. What are some good ideas for writing up your corner of fandom? Several members of the Fanlore committee at the Organization for Transformative Works will be at the con. Come and discuss what you think.
1:00pm Panel 3 Please Get Out of my Van Halen T-shirt! Bandom in the New Decade
Eleanor Lavish, Alanna (Bayleaf)
In the immortal words of Robbie Hart: "Hey, psycho—please get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up." Bandom has been through a rough patch in the last year, with all three of the Big Three bands (FOB, Panic, and MCR) in various stages of hiatus and/or band breakups. Do we think there is a future for bandom? Is the slowdown in fannish engagement merely due to lack of daily canon, and not a fundamental shift in interest? Come talk about boys in bands and where you think we all go from here.
2:00pm Panel 1 AUs and the Fans Who Love Them
gblvr, kisahawklin
If we love our show so much, what's the deal with all the Alternate Universes, Fusions, and Alternate Realities? What do they add that we aren't getting from more ordinary universes? Discussion, squee and an end-of-panel recs session....
2:00pm Panel 2 Hot Topic Panel: UK Political Slash
This panel topic was chosen during the CON.TXT Context panel.
2:00pm Panel 3 SGA: DNR?
sharkie, MrsHamill
Even though the final season was disappointing, the series finale was crappy, and the movie is DOA, people are still slashing SGA—but for how long?
3:00pm Panel 1 Finding Fan Activity
Queue, SolarCat
What websites and tools are we using to tell our stories, show our pictures, and preserve our history? How do we use, DeviantArt, youtube, Anime Music Videos, Archive of Our Own, Dreamwidth, LiveJournal,, delicious, Fanlore, and all of the rest, and are these good or bad places for fanworks? How do we expand discussions beyonds these sites, especially for newbies? What are the ethical questions that arise for our fannish infrastructure and the people who control it?
3:00pm Panel 2 Dealing With Privilege in Fannish Contexts
Stultiloquentia, Lis
How to avoid showing your ass and how to handle it productively when you do! This panel will begin from the assumption that fans in attendance are interested in working on taking responsibility for the various kinds of privilege we may carry—race, gender, sexuality, physical or mental ability, body size, etc.—when we engage in fannish conversation and activity. We can share strategies and experiences across different types of privilege and oppression and help each other address questions about how our own actions can contribute to a more accessible and pleasurable fannish environment for other fans who are marginalized by structural oppressions.
3:00pm Panel 3 Leverage and the OT3 of Joy
So the Eliot/Alec/Parker OT3 is really where this fandom is at! Here's where the serious emotion is and all of the real relationship dynamics. Come and discuss everything we see in these three together!
4:00pm Panel 1 White Collar: WTF?
LightGetsIn, Thalia
The White Collar season finale left us with more questions than answers. So what's going on? What do we want in season 2? What would be the Best Episode Ever? Could Peter and Neal be more in love? Let's speculate and brainstorm!
4:00pm Panel 2 Vidding for the Technically Inept And/Or Flat Broke
How to start with a DVD or download and rip, clip, synchronize to music, and save and upload; the really basic basics. Overview of free or cheap software for clipping and video and audio editing; making do with limited hardware; and good resources for self-teaching and troubleshooting and mentoring.
4:00pm Panel 3 Those Daring Young Men: Slash and the Victorian Age
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, A.J. Raffles and Bunny Manders, Biggles, Algy, and the rest of the gang! The early 20th century produced a marvelous feast of slash, and all in the name of extraordinary situations and male bonding. Why not celebrate the canon (and make up some on our own!) in what is an enduring, though small, area of fandom? Come and drum up support for your favorite pair, share your literary squee, and discuss the pleasures—and the problems—of writing historical fic.
5:00pm Panel 1 Fandom Suddenly Loves the Ladies!
Qurinas, Jasper
Well, okay, not *suddenly*. But there does seem to be a recent upward trend in the number of female characters that fans really love. White Collar and Leverage both have an OT3 with a female character as a dominant focus of fan activity, Gwen and Morgana get a lot of attention in Merlin fandom, and female characters on Psych and Southland get a lot of love from fans, too. What is it about these characters that is generating this level of fannish attention? Or is it fandom that has changed? What other awesome women are we really loving right now? Squee and meta welcome!
5:00pm Panel 2 Wuzzles Wuzzles Everywhere: Tagging on the Archive of Our Own
What sort of tags help you find stories? What sort of tags are you actually putting on your own stories? And how does that whole tagging thing work, anyway?
5:00pm Panel 3 Look, Ray, Turtles! Fantasy in due South
Starfish, Beth H.
What draws so many sf/fantasy fans to due South? Is it the ghosts, the polar bears, or Benton Fraser's mysterious ability to store just about anything in his hatband? And, most importantly, how is it useful when pairing up two or three otherwise ordinary cops?
6:00pm ConSweet Ducks Deluxe Closes
The Ducks Deluxe silent auction closes - make sure you have your bids in by 6pm sharp!
7:00pm Hallway outside ConSweet Cocktails
The bar will be open in the hallway outside the ConSweet for the hour before the vid show and during the vid show intermission!
Panels 1+2
Vid Show!
This year's vid show is a mix of submitted vids and favorites selected by the vid committee. Watch in the panel rooms if you want silence to hear and appreciate the vids, or in the ConSweet if you want to be able to chat, cheer, and come and go as you please. The bar will be open during intermission!
ConSweet Fannish Games
Stick around after the vid show for "The Fast and the Curious," a mash-up of fannish trivia, "Minute to Win It," and a very twisted sense of humor. Fun to play and possibly more fun to watch and laugh at with. Additional rounds of TFATC or "Apples to Apples - CON.TXT-style" are possible as time permits!
10:00pm Panels 1+2 Dr. Who Viewing Watch tonight's Dr. Who episode: season finale, Part 1 (U.K. schedule)!
11:00pm Panels 1+2 Shut Up and Write/Draw
7:00am Panel 1 Open Open for hanging out, drinking coffee, etc.!
7:00am Panel 2 DIY Panel/PopTart Party Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a PopTart Party or DIY panel here.
8:00am ConSweet OPEN  
8:00am Panel 1 Morning Panel Recap
Recap and discussion of Saturday's panels
8:00am Panel 2 DIY Panel/PopTart Party Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a PopTart Party or DIY panel here.
8:45am Panel 3 Restorative Yoga
Forty-five minutes of basic yoga postures and stretching—nothing too strenuous, just a little something to jump-start your day.
ConSweet Breakfast
Pre-Reg for 2012
A light breakfast will be available in the ConSweet; help yourself at your convenience. Also, pre-register for CON.TXT 2012 (this continues all day long except during the Ducks Deluxe Auction)!
9:00am Panel 1 Early Bird Stitch 'n' Bitch
9:00am Panel 2 Shut Up and Write/Draw
10:00am ConSweet Ducks Deluxe Auction Ducks Deluxe Arts & Crafts Live Auction, run by the lovely and incomparable Shoshanna! Come bid for items that were most popular during the silent auction Friday and Saturday.
11:00am Panel 1 Star Trek: To Boldly Slash Where Everyone Has Slashed Before
Rhaegal, Vikki
Oldschool is new again for Star Trek, with interest in the original series surging. What do the new kids need to know in order to get off the lawn and into the know? How hot is Spock, still? And who *hasn't* Kirk slept with?
11:00am Panel 2 Fandom, Copyright, and Copyleft
melannen, LightGetsIn
We Are Not Lawyers*, but this panel will give the basic issues on how US intellectual property law applies to fanworks and fandom, some background on how the relationship has changed over time and is currently changing, Creative Commons and other alternatives, and some starting points to find out more or become active in advocating for copyright reform. (*Actual lawyers welcome, of course.)
11:00am Panel 3 What Happens when Real People Start Getting Real?
Trixie/CL Finn, Aral (arallara)
The fundamental problem with RPS is that real people are messy, inconsistent, and do not follow a narrative. Heartbreak and disappointment seem to be an inevitable part of RPS fandoms. These things can make our slashy playgrounds more complicated, in both good and bad ways: Panic at the Disco split in half and it was heartbreaking, but it also caused a big wave of creative output in the fandom. And what about when your fannish objects make an ass of themselves or turn out to have political views you just can't stomach? Let's talk about these issues! One part fannish support group, one part meta discussion, and one part celebration of what we love about RPS.
12:00pm ConSweet Lunch
Pre-Reg for 2012
Box lunch served to those who ordered in advance. Also, pre-registration for CON.TXT 2012 continues!
12:00pm Panel 1 We <3 the BBC
Cesy, Leeanne (hagiologic)
It's not just Doctor Who!... And Merlin. And Blake's Seven. There's also Top Gear and QI and Black Books and Jeeves and Wooster and all kinds of costume drama and...basically, this roundtable is for everyone who wishes they could just pay the license fee and get *proper* television. (Fans of ITV shows also welcome.)
12:00pm Panel 2 Shipping Off the Beaten Path: Rare Pairs
gblvr, casspeach
Why is it that some of us don't want to ship what everyone else does? Is it just that we're contrary, or is it something else about rare pairings that separates us from the crowd?
12:00pm Panel 3 Care and Feeding of Your Thing-a-thon
So, you want to trick a bunch of people into writing stories, making vids, recording podfics, drawing fanart, or making whatever other fanart of your dreams. You probably would like to know how to do it without making yourself or your participants into miserable puddles of tears hidden in a corner. Come, let me drop some knowledge on you.
1:00pm Panel 1 Threesomes: M/M Slash with Girls, Actually Het, or Their Own Thing Entirely?
Alec/Eliot/Parker, Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, Kirk/Spock/Uhura, Harry/Hermione/Ron, Jack/Will/Elizabeth: Sometimes, a canon het relationship and a subtextual slash relationship blend in fandom's collective brain (or some other organ) to produce a great deal of fannish activity from slash fans. Can and should these stories be classified as slash or as het? Does anyone actually care about such classification these days? And why do we rarely see such triangles in an F/F/M shape? What fandoms give us the opportunity to craft F/F/M stories?
1:00pm Panel 2 Tall, Dark and Deadpan: A Celebration of the Inscrutable Half of Our Favorite Pairings
serpentjody, treewishes
What is it about Spock (both TOS and Reboot), Cho (Mentalist), and Castiel (Supernatural) that makes us want to break their cool? Let's discuss these *fascinating* gentlemen and the men with whom we like to pair them.
1:00pm Panel 3 Building an Active Community
Let's talk about how to start or nourish a fannish community, including strategies to gather a tightly-knit and growing membership and keep posting active in the community. We'll compare methods and examples. Does a fandom need to go viral to thrive?
2:00pm Panel 1 They Fight Crime! (More or Less)
Let's talk about Leverage, Hustle, White Collar, Psych, Chuck, and other fandoms where Our Heroes use extralegal means to get bad guys in jail, broke, or out of office (or occasionally dead). Can we really consider Our Heroes heroic if they're constantly breaking the law? Does all of that law-breaking render them extra sexy? And can you ever reasonably write a star-crossed relationship with the Lawful Good Lawman with whom they keep butting heads, or is it sort of a lost cause? And why are most of these shows funny, anyway?
2:00pm Panel 2 Procrastinators' Party
melannen, Dee Laundry
This is a stress-free panel for people to get together and chat, guilt-free, about life as a fan who almost never actually manages to post finished fanworks (although it may include some tips and advice on how to Just Finish The Blasted Thing Already!). Prizes to be awarded for oldest fannish WIP that is still technically In Progress.
2:00pm Panel 3 DIY Panel: Merlin
Come talk about Merlin!
3:00pm ConSweet Dead Duck
The CON.TXT Con Comm
Come tell us what you thought of the third CON.TXT!
Floor Plan
Floor Plan of Con Space