CON.TXT Schedule for 2012

**Registration will begin Thursday night 8pm-10pm, and will continue Friday 8am-5pm (and 7:30-11pm outside the Lincoln Ballroom), Saturday 8am-6pm, and Sunday 9am-3pm (pre-registration for 2014) in the hallway outside the ConSweet**

ConSweet Closed Dealer Set-up
Panels 1+2 Continental Breakfast After you register, come into the Panel Rooms for a continental breakfast and coffee.  
9:30am ConSweet ConSweet Opens! After registration and breakfast, come into the ConSweet for pre-con mingling; also, check in items you submitted to the Ducks Deluxe Arts & Crafts Show and Auction (check-in continues through 1pm, except during the CON.TXT Context panel).  
10:00am ConSweet CON.TXT Context
Get late-breaking announcements, vote for hot topic panels, and meet the con comm!
11:00am Panel 1 The Rule of Names
Liz Weishaar
Anonymity, pseudonymity, honesty, publicity, and sockpuppetry: Even as the web as a whole has been moving toward using legal names, fandom has been flocking to anon memes. Online privacy has become a hot topic. How does our control of our identities fit into the culture of fandom, how much anonymity is still necessary for slash fans, and how do fandom naming practices interact with the outside world's expectations?
11:00am Panel 2 Fandom, IRL
Cons are great, but you can't get to them all! Small, local gatherings are a fun bridge across con gaps. How do you find local fans, arrange fannish meet-ups, and keep the squee going?
11:00am Panel 3 USA Network: Fangirl or Fan Service?
Aral (arallara), Trixie/CL Finn
Psych, White Collar, Suits, the new Common Law - the USA Network seems to have found a niche creating shows about bromance-minus-the-b. Come to talk about your feelings re: their canon, fanon, fan service and how much more these shows would make sense they just made out already. (Also acceptable topics - the abundance of half-naked boys on Covert Affairs; how Mary and Marshall subvert gender stereotypes liek whoa.)
12:00pm Panel 1 Small Fandom Speed Dating
Ellen Fremedon, Sanj
Searching for a new fandom? Or have a small fandom you want to pimp? Come, stand up, and say what you're looking for, or what your fandom has to offer, and we will do our best to matchmake. Bringing handouts or visual aids is encouraged; long-windedness is not, and your moderators will enforce brevity (possibly with noisemakers).
12:00pm Panel 2 Access Roundtable: The Practicalities of Accessible Fannish Spaces
A very brief intro to basic access in online and meatspace fandom followed by practical problem-solving. Want to talk through how best to make your cool multimedia fanwork accessible? Want a demonstration of how assorted kinds of adaptive tech interact with your journal or website? Want to know if anyone has hacked a solution for a fannish institution you can't access? Bring your questions, your knowledge, and your adaptive technology. We won't have all the answers, but we collectively have a lot of practical know-how to go around.
12:00pm Panel 3 Has White Collar Got Its Groove Back?
Many fans feel that White Collar's third season got off to a rough start, but things seemed to get better during the second half...until everything changed at the end of the season. How are you feeling about the show now? Are you still feeling the Peter/Neal(/Elizabeth) vibe or are you more inclined to other pairings (or none at all) now?
ConSweet Ducks Deluxe Opens The Ducks Deluxe Arts & Crafts Show and Auction is open! This is your opportunity to admire - and bid for - fan-made art, crafts, and other unique items of fannish interest. The silent auction goes through 6pm Saturday; on Sunday, there will be live auction for the items that received the most bids.
1:00pm ConSweet Lunch Box lunch served to those who ordered in advance.
1:00pm Panel 1 DIY Panel — Fringe: Double the Universes, Double the Fun
kerithwyn ('rith)
Come express/vent/squee your opinions about the often-contentious, brain-squeezing fourth season.
1:00pm Panels
2, 3
Lunch/DIY Panel Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a DIY panel in any of the panel rooms.
2:00pm Panel 1 Gender and Sexuality Across Cultures
Dee Laundry
Concepts of gender and sexuality have changed and varied in complex ways across the whole scope of human culture, and for people writing about other places and times, it's a good idea to step outside the categories you're used to. Learn some of the basics of gender and sexuality across cultures, and where to find out more, and discuss how to use that knowledge in fiction without erasing the modern lived experience of your readers.
2:00pm Panel 2 Doctor Who: Beyond Wibbly-Wobbly
Ellen Fremedon
As if 32 seasons and counting of broadcast TV (not counting multiple spinoffs) weren't daunting enough, the Doctor Who franchise also encompasses audioplays, books, comics, and unlicensed video spinoffs - multiple lines of each, often written by the show's writers or starring its actors, and all borrowing from each other, or lending elements to current TV continuity. Not to mention webcasts, games, the Peter Cushing movies, and multiple stage productions. So where is the good stuff? How do we find it? And is there any fic for it once we do? This panel is for resource-sharing, recs and anti-recs, pimping and discussion of the vast and confusing world of Doctor Who paracanon.
2:00pm Panel 3 Fandom on Your E-Reader
cinco, uschickens
How do you find, download, and organize fanfiction on your eBook (or Kindle, Nook, Fire, or iPad)? Do you use Calibre, Mobipocket creator, or squee!Book? What other tools exist to assemble, format, and organize your ebooks? Bring your questions and suggestions to this panel to share information.
3:00pm Panel 1 The Ultimate AU
Jess/nilchance, Teresa/beanside
Happy Gay Farmers! Contemporary dancer AUs! We've seen 5th Century guys turned in to 1950s ad executives - it doesn't get any crazier than that, right? NO WAY! Let's talk about ballroom dancers, Roman warriors, figure skaters, mad scientists, steampunk balloonists, and all the other worlds where we put our favorite characters. What IS the ultimate AU... and how can we get someone to write it?
3:00pm Panel 2 Size Doesn't Matter (except when it does)
How to write long fic. How to *stop* writing long fic. What counts as "long", anyway? Why do we like long fic? Why don't we?
3:00pm Panel 3 Dresden Files: Where the Manpain Actually Sets Things on Fire
Come talk about all things Dresden Files -- the books, the sudden popularity, the terror and wonder of the kinkmeme, the big ship Dresden/Marcone, the rarepairs, the magic, the way Jim Butcher needs to STFU about pretty much everything.
4:00pm Panel 1 Writing Trans Characters
Vik (v_angelique)
What characters lend themselves to trans interpretations? What are the things we need to know to do trans characters justice? How do we get over nerves about describing trans experiences authentically? What are some particularly good trans fics out there? Some trans-identified fans will start us off with some 101, tips, and suggestions and then we'll get into Q&A, discussion of particular characters and fandoms, recs, fic requests, and thoughts about writing trans characters in slash. All fandoms welcome! For the purposes of this panel, trans includes men, women, and all non-binary genders. We're also happy to talk about intersex characters. Bring your questions, your experiences, and your interest.
4:00pm Panel 2 Celebrities, Twitter, and Fandom: FTW or WTF?
alpheratz, cinco
Show creators and writers have embraced Twitter as a means of interacting with their audiences, answering questions, and sharing previews, plot hints, or insight into their creative processes. Every day hundreds of actors, musicians, and other celebrities answer questions, make jokes, and generally hold court on Twitter. My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero recently held a mysterious countdown to what turned out to be the birth of his son, actor Misha Collins created a movement among Supernatural fans, and actor Dominic Monaghan dangled the promise of a picture of himself hanging out with Elijah Wood and Billy Boyd to gain followers. How does this constant stream of new canon affect fandoms? How calculated is the information celebrities dole out? Does Twitter fuel your interest in RPF or FPF ships? Do you long for the time BT (Before Twitter), or gleefully follow the content creators in your fandoms?
4:00pm Panel 3 Lost Girl: The Little Faendom That Could
Aral (arallara), kerithwyn ('rith)
Lost Girl subverts so many traditional ideas about sexuality, gender roles, and relationships that it opens up some seriously rich territory for fannish exploration. Let's talk about the stimulating subtext that provides such a provocative and surprisingly subversive framework for the sexy funtimes.
5:00pm ConSweet, Panel 2, Panel 3 Closed ConSweet and Panel Rooms 2&3 close for the rest of the night
5:00pm Panel 1 Community 201: Queer (Meta) Narratives in the Contemporary Sitcom
Ellen Fremedon
Seminar, pass/fail. Prerequisites: Community seasons 1-3, ALL THE FEELINGS. Discussion topics may include Troy and Abed's frustratingly queer bromance, the Dean's frustratingly queer everything, the conflation of Britta's personal and political axes of Fail, the problematics of Pierce's role, Annie and narratives of adulthood, audience response and Inspector Spacetime fandom, and the use of metafiction to subvert narrative expectations. We will also address the questions of where the good fanfic is and why there isn't more of it, dammit.
Lincoln Ballroom Disco Duck! It's a party! The hors d'oeuvres and cash bar begin at 7:30, and the music, dancing, and visual entertainment begin at 8:00. Dress in your favorite clubwear or retro '70s get-up (if you want), watch your favorite guys (and girls) flash up on the screens to form all sorts of strange and serendipitous pairings, and—most important—mingle, see people you haven't seen in ages and others you've never met, and get into the con spirit. There will be a quieter area, too.
8:00pm Lincoln Ballroom Disco Duck! Musical and visual entertainment and dancing begin!
9:00pm, 10:00pm Lincoln Ballroom Disco Duck! Music and dancing continue!
11:00pm Lincoln Ballroom Disco Duck! Disco Duck winds down with an hour of quieter lounge music so you can socialize.
ConSweet OPEN - Breakfast ConSweet opens and a light breakfast will be available; help yourself at your convenience.
8:00am Panel 1+2 DIY Panel Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a DIY panel here.
9:00am Panels 1, 2 Early Bird Stitch 'n' Bitch
10:00am Panels 1+2 Avengers Fans Assemble!
FairestCat, kerithwyn ('rith)
Let's talk Avengers! Marvel's ambitious movie franchise has launched a frenzy of fannish activity om the last year, but Avengers comics-fandom has been around much longer. What is it about these larger than life heroes that makes them so compelling? Did the movie live up to the hype? What are we hoping to see in the sequels? Come talk about your favorite heroes (and villains!) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
10:00am Panel 3 Personality Typing and Character Analysis for Better Fanworks (Greg House Is an INTP)
ciaan, Dee Laundry
Myers Briggs (MBTI), Keirsey, StrengthsFinder, DiSC, Enneagram. Psychologists have several tools to help us understand ourselves and those around us. We can also use them to understand our fictional friends and foes better, leading to smarter extrapolation of their actions and responses in new situations. Come ready to discuss, debate, classify -- and then identify exceptions to every rule. The point is not to confine your character to a box, but to place her or him on the right starting block.
11:00am Panels 1+2 Subtext Is Not the Only Text: Recommend Your Favorite Queer Narratives
Yes, yes, yes, we all enjoy subverting and recontextualizing straight media, but sometimes, just sometimes, reading or watching explicitly, deliberately, intentionally, upfront QUILTBAG stories is nice, too. Recommend your favorite gay novels, the best bisexual documentaries, your favorite trans musician, the breathtaking dyke painting, and that queer movie you have to watch every time it's on LOGO. Copies, links, and paraphernalia are all greeted with open arms.
11:00am Panel 3 Five-Minute Fandoms and Oneshot Deals
Hannah Orlove
Music videos, abandoned TV pilots, video game trailers, songs, commercials -- maybe they're not all five minutes, but you can get through the entire canon in the time it'd take to watch an episode of CSI. Considering the ratio of media consumed versus media produced, there's clearly something big going on here. What's the appeal of these tiny canons? Is it the freedom of having so little to work with? Does having less make it easier to transcend typical fandom pressures? How do things stay fresh when there's so little to begin with and there might never be more? And is it the fact that it's possible to get someone else up to speed in the time it takes to watch an episode of CSI part of the draw?
12:00pm Panels 1+2 Sherlock BBC: What's Next?
Thalia, Vik (v_angelique)
The BBC's second series gave us lots to talk about--Irene Adler, Moriarty, and a terrific relationship between Sherlock and John. Come discuss all of the eps so far, speculate about series three, and devise strategies for surviving the long wait. Bring your deerstalker hat (and fic/vid recs) and join the fun!
12:00pm Panel 3 Haven: Year Three of the OT3--Trust, Allegiance, and Identity
Carmen (Greenygal), kerithwyn ('rith)
For a show that doesn't take itself too seriously, Haven has managed to develop its characters and relationships along compelling lines that feed the fannish imagination. Where will Season 3 take our beloved characters, and how will their complex dynamic change?
1:00pm ConSweet Lunch Box lunch served to those who ordered in advance.
1:00pm Panels 1, 2 CLOSED  
1:00pm Panel 3 DIY Panel
Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a DIY panel here!
2:00pm Panel 1 Hot Topic Panel
Topic to be chosen during CON.TXT Context on Friday morning.
2:00pm Panel 2 Femslash Fandom Faire
zvi, ambyr
Come and tell us about your awesome fandom full of women who kick butt, or practice law, or cut up dead bodies, or practice magic, or sing and dance for a living. You're watching a show, it's got ladies on it, those girls are really into each other, and you think we should be into them. Bring photos, bring episodes, bring a recs list, or just tell us a little about the show. We want new femslash fandoms, and you will share them with us.
2:00pm Panel 3 Star Wars: New Buzz?
KatBear, Ki/obi-ki
The Star Wars fandom has been chugging along with books and cartoons, but what impact will the 3D version of the prequels or the Bluray set have? New life or just George making more money again? What do you see as the state of the fandom and where it's heading?
3:00pm Panel 1 Old Fandoms Never Die
Dee Laundry, MrsHamill, Zana
This con needs some classic slash. Let's share and rekindle our love of older fandoms like The Professionals, due South, Highlander, Starsky & Hutch, Blakes 7, Man from Uncle, The Sentinel, The X-Files, and all those other shows that may be a decade off air, but still live on in our hearts.
3:00pm Panel 2 Handling Problematic Characterizations and Storylines Through A Social Justice Lens
Vik (v_angelique)
What do you do when you're a body positive activist sick of Mycroft-eats-cake snarking, when you work on racial justice during the day and have to deal with racist characterizations in your favorite fandom at night, when you encounter a completely unrealistic Deaf Jensen Ackles AU as a Deaf fan, when the billionth Gerard Way-is-a-rentboy plot directly contradicts your lived experiences as a sex worker? It's impossible to separate our life as fans from our perspectives as people seeking social justice, but often our ways of dealing with problematic characterizations and plotlines turn into exhausting cases of us-against-the-world, and fandom hardly seems worth it. Come with strategies, questions, and scenarios, and let's work together on how we can handle these issues and make fandom do better.
3:00pm Panel 3 All Things Vorkosigan
Ellen Fremedon, LightGetsIn
Spoiler-heavy discussion panel for all things Vorkosigan: canon, fanon, fanworks, meta, and speculation. What we love most about the books, where they fail, where we'd like them to go next, where to find the best fanfic, which characters give the best life advice, and just how much we're anticipating—or dreading-- Captain Vorpatril's Alliance.
4:00pm Panel 1 Going Pro, or at Least Pro-ish
Dusk Peterson, Mya, Vincent Diamond
So You Want To Make Money From Writing. Genres, markets, professionalism, self-publishing, crowdfunding, serial numbers, selling at shows, the landscape of e-books, getting an agent, and so on, etc.
4:00pm Panel 2 The Phylogeny of Speculative Erotica
melannen, Stultiloquentia
Erotic speculative fic -- sex pollen, soul bonds, Dom/sub designations, AMTDI and tentacles and kitty ears -- is a toolbox created by our fannish community for exploring identity, desire, shame, intimacy, and kink. What does it mean that, above ground, fans are brainstorming ways to generate more fiction about transgendered characters, while down in the memes there's an explosion of boy!pussies? Are they even related? How do shared 'verses like Omega evolve? Which canons invite this kind of erotica and why? What are the kinks underlying the kinks, and what are our favorite AUs, tropes, and fanworks that tackle them?
4:00pm Panel 3 Hunger Games
How do we take the next sensation and make it rich and fertile ground for fandom? How do we write in it or is it just too tight and together of a story? Plus, let's just talk about the books and the movie!
5:00pm Panel 1 Doctor Who: Moff's Long Game
Ellen Fremedon, Thalia
Season 6 started us on a long plot-arc that hasn't resolved yet. How many loose ends has Moffat left hanging? How confident are we that he'll wrap them up? And where are we going in the meantime? Come and share criticism and/or celebration of the last season, and speculation and spoilers for the next one!
5:00pm Panel 2 Age Disparities in Slash Pairings
Beth H. (bethbethbeth), Dorinda
While the vast majority of the most popular slash pairings feature partners who are quite close in age (generally within 4 or 5 years of each other), this isn't true of all pairings. The age gap between Lewis's James Hathaway & Robbie Lewis (or HP's Snape & Harry), for example, is 20-25 years; between Xander & Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) it's approximately 125 years; and between Duncan & Methos (Highlander), the age gap is something like 4500 years. What, if any, special relationship challenges (experiential, sexual, and otherwise) accompany the age disparities in some of our favorite pairings? And how do we - as writers (and readers), artists, and vidders - position ourselves regarding the often very different perspectives and world views of these characters ; can we understand the pov's of both the older and the younger partners equally, or will our own ages and life experiences always make that difficult - or impossible?
5:00pm Panel 3 You've Seen the Movie, Now Read the Comics!
FairestCat, kerithwyn ('rith)
Movie adaptations of comic books are bigger than ever right now. But can movie fans turn into comic fans? Many fans find comics canons -- especially those for long-running characters and franchises -- confusing and too daunting to deal with. What tips and tricks can long-time comics fans offer to newcomers interested in dipping their toes into comics fandom? Where do you start? What are the must-read books? How can you avoid getting overwhelmed by decades of canon? Or is it even possible?
6:00pm ConSweet Ducks Deluxe Closes
The Ducks Deluxe silent auction closes - make sure you have your bids in by 6pm sharp!
7:15pm Hallway outside ConSweet Cocktails
The cash bar will be open in the hallway outside the ConSweet for the hour before the vid show and during the vid show intermission!
Panels 1+2
Vid Show!
This year's vid show is a mix of submitted vids and favorites selected by the vid committee. Watch in the panel rooms if you want silence to hear and appreciate the vids, or in the ConSweet if you want to be able to chat, cheer, and come and go as you please. The bar will be open during intermission!
ConSweet Fans Compete
Stick around after The Incomparable Fannish Game Show!
10:00pm Panels 1+2 Sit Down and Write/Draw  
11:00pm Panels 1+2 Almost-Midnight Yoga
ManDressedLikeABat, Mascot
Ever notice how all the con yoga panels are at like 7am? Not this one. Yoga isn't just for morning people and is a fabulous way to stretch yourself out and relax before bed. Your mods will take you through 45 minutes of relaxing stretching and a few minutes of meditation that will help you sleep like a Yogi. All ages and physical types encouraged to attend. If you can, bring a yoga mat or a towel.
ConSweet Breakfast A light breakfast will be available in the ConSweet; help yourself at your convenience.
8:00am Panel 2 DIY Panel Sign up at the con or email panels at con-txt dot net to hold a DIY panel here.
9:00am ConSweet Pre-Reg for 2014 Pre-register for CON.TXT 2014 (this continues all day long except during the Ducks Deluxe Auction)!
9:00am Panel 2 Sit Down and Write/Draw
10:00am ConSweet Ducks Deluxe Auction & Raffle Ducks Deluxe Arts & Crafts Live Auction, run by the lovely and incomparable Shoshanna! Come bid for items that were most popular during the silent auction Friday and Saturday. Also, for a mere $2.00 per ticket, you'll have a chance to win one of many wonderful items in the CON.TXT 2012 Raffle, including books, DVD sets, zines, t-shirts, a membership for CON.TXT 2014...and even a brand new Kindle Fire.
11:00am Panel 1 Bringing Diversity to Fanfiction Through Minor Characters
What canon lacks in characters outside the white, conventionally attractive, cis straight male norm, fandom often fills in through new interpretations and spotlighting minor characters. Let's talk about the potential of minor characters of color, canonically queer characters, trans characters, characters with disabilities, older characters, fat characters, and more, whether canon or reinvented. Participants are encouraged to bring requests for others to consider filling after the con!
11:00am Panel 2 "My Kink's OK, Your Kink's OK" Revisited
Aral (arallara), sharkie
These are certainly not new issues for us, but in the last few years, fandom has engaged in many conversations about oppression and representation, triggers and warnings, and how fans can and should handle these issues in our community and our fanworks. For ages, many fans have asserted a "my kink's ok, your kink's ok" attitude as a kind of baseline fannish value, so can we talk about what it means to bring one's kinks into the public sphere, through fanworks on the internet? Where are we at with this in fandom today? How do we negotiate this basic fannish value and our responsibilities as fan creators and readers/watchers trying to exist in diverse community together? What can and should we expect from ourselves and each other, and how do we get there?
11:00am Panel 3 Avatar: Not the One with the Blue People
Whether you want to talk Last Airbender or Korra, here's your place to do it. Share recs, discuss popular and cracktastic pairings, ponder the kink potential of bending, and speculate on just where the show is likely to go next. Please be prepared for spoilers up to the most recently aired episode of Korra.
12:00pm Panel 1 On Beyond Pairings
OT3. OT4. Polyamory, sedoretu, threesomes, troll romance, teamfic, orgies, and so on, hooray!
12:00pm Panel 2 Beta-ing Basics
Authors, what do you look for in betas? Betas, what response do you hope for in authors? And how do either of you find each other?
12:00pm Panel 3 Shifting Genre Lines In The Sand
If you make a character vid about a queer character that references some of their relationships, is that gen or slash? If you write an AU where one half of an m/m pairing is female, do you put it in a het archive or a slash archive? What about that NC-17 watersports art you did for kink_bingo, is it gen if it's masturbation and there's no pairing? If you've ever struggled with how to label or where to post, or if you just want to discuss meta and semantics, come join in.
1:00pm ConSweet Lunch
Pre-Reg for 2014
Box lunch served to those who ordered in advance. Also, pre-registration for CON.TXT 2014 continues!
1:00pm Panel 1 Sherlock v. Sherlock
hurry_sundown, melannen
This panel will compare and contrast the various incarnations of Sherlock Holmes in books, movies, and television. Let's discuss how the characters' relationships vary among these different iterations.
1:00pm Panel 2 Fandom and the Law
Cesy, Liz Weishaar
Some basic things to know about intellectual property, pornography, obscenity, privacy, censorship, transformative vs. derivative works, and other ways in which Fandom tangles with the law.
1:00pm Panel 3 Justified: Justify Your Love
Dorinda, norgbelulah (morgan)
Did you know the theme song for "Justified" is titled "Long Hard Times to Come"? ...Yeah, let's go there. All pairings welcome!
2:00pm Panel 1 Bring Back That Loving Feeling
Somehow, the same old fic isn't turning you on. Somehow, the meta just doesn't seem as clever as it was in the good old days. You no longer need all of the icons. It doesn't matter if somebody screencaps THAT look. If you miss an episode, it's not the end of the world. Someone is wrong on the internet, but you just let it go. It might be nice if someone wrote your kink for that book you just read, but it's too much effort to even suggest it. Somehow, fandom is not getting the old juices stirring the way they once did. How do you recapture the magic? How do you get pulled back in?
2:00pm Panel 2 Hot Girl-On-Girl Action
In stories, we mean. Not live. Probably. Where to find the good F/F porn, how to write it, where to promote it, and, we live in hope, how to make more magically appear.
2:00pm Panel 3 Creator Canon—The Holy Grail or a Tiny Footnote?
Buffy, Star Wars, Star Trek, Potter, et al. What happens when a creator contradicts their own canon, or the people they hire to expound on the story ignore what came before? Why do canon breaks and reboots make some people suicidal while others don't care at all?
3:00pm ConSweet Dead Duck
The CON.TXT Con Comm
Come tell us what you thought of the fourth CON.TXT!
Floor Plan
Floor Plan of Con Space