CON.TXT 2006 Vid Show Playlist

June 17, 2006

First Half
Gay Bar Multi PR Zed Electric Six
Say Highlander Killa & hafital Cat Power
The Wonder of Birds due South Laura Shapiro & Morgan Dawn Innocence Mission;
Duende Master & Commander Shalott The Gipsy Kings
I Wish I Was a Lesbian Anime Absolute Destiny Loudon Wainwright III
Elevation Queer as Folk
Wendy & f1renze
(Kitze Productions)
She Bangs Buffy the
Vampire Slayer
Morgaine Ricky Martin
Friday I'm in Love The Professionals LithiumDoll The Cure;
vid available on the Pros Circuit Archive
Tainted Love The X-Files Media Cannibals Soft Cell Vid not currently available
Closer Star Trek
(Original Series)
Killa & T. Jonesy Nine Inch Nails
Jolene Star Gate Atlantis Zoe Rayne The White Stripes
The Man Song The Sentinel Media Cannibals Sean Morley Vid not currently available
Second Half
Discovery Channel Starsky & Hutch Flamingo Bloodhound Gang
Whatever Angel Luminosity & Sisabet T-Ball & BJ
Gay Boyfriend Anime Apocalypse, Inc. The Hazards
Kryptonite Invisible Man Seah & Margie 3 Doors Down; updates posted to
Sahara Lawrence After Arabia, Strange Days, & ST:Deep Space 9 Snoo Moxy Früvous Available on the Chicago Loop DVD; contact
Zebra due South Shalott John Butler Trio
Stick Shifts and Safety Belts Supernatural Whereupon Cake
Bohemian Like You Multi (Pros, S&H, MfU, dS) PR Zed The Dandy Warhols
The Chemicals Between Us The Fast & the Furious Lierdumoa Bush
If I Didn't Have You Lord of the Rings Melina John Goodman & Billy Crystal
In My Life Highlander JKL The Beatles
So Damn Hot Smallville The Clucking Belles Okay Go
Detachable Penis
(digitally remastered)
The Professionals Media Cannibals
(2006 remaster by Justacat)
King Missile Available on The Professionals Circuit Archive: