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Already attended a previous CON.TXT (or registered for one but rolled over your membership)? Log in now! If you have been issued any credits, they will be available to you once you log in.


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Membership type:

CON.TXT 2016 will be held over three days, July 29-31, 2016. An attending membership is a pass for all three days and includes admission to the Disco Duck and Game Night parties. If you would like to attend just Disco Duck and/or Game Night, you do not need to register now; standalone admission for those events only is accepted at the door. A supporting membership does not include admission to any events, but is a great way to support the con!

Attending memberships are currently $-1; the membership fee will be higher after . Supporting memberships are always available for $15.


Would you like to help out for an hour or two during the con? Volunteers are needed for tasks such as staffing the registration desk, checking attendees' badges, and showing schedule reminders for panels. As an additional bonus for shy folks, you get a very structured excuse to talk to people for a little while!


In the hopes of allowing more fans to attend CON.TXT, we offer several scholarships which cover all or part of the membership fee. For CON.TXT 2016 we have three different types available.

The Minotaur Scholarship for 2016 has been awarded! You may still request a Con or Bust Scholarship (apply by June 15th) or a Need-based Scholarship.

Our Minotaur Scholarship is a memorial scholarship established by the CON.TXT con comm for our friend and fellow fan Minotaur who was known for (among many other fine things) welcoming new fans and encouraging everyone to join in and have fun at fan gatherings and cons. This scholarship awards a full membership to one new fan. Con or Bust helps people of color/non-white people attend SFF conventions; we are offering two full memberships through this fine organization. Our Need-based Scholarship is made available partially through donations from fans; we will offer half-price memberships to fans who request them and, if possible, full memberships. Need-based Scholarship recipients are asked to participate in our volunteer program.

To apply for the Con or Bust Scholarship, please register here and then make your request through the Con or Bust website using your badge name and registration email address.

If you apply for a scholarship, we will register you now for CON.TXT 2016 and notify you of award choices when they are made. If you are not awarded a scholarship, you may choose to cancel your registration or to pay the cost of membership at the rate available when you originally registered.