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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a volunteer shift?

A volunteer shift is one hour. Some people prefer to make their volunteer contribution by working multiple hours in one sitting, while others would rather work an hour here and an hour there. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

What is the earliest a shift would start? What is the latest a shift would end?

Volunteer opportunities start at 7 am and run until midnight. We will do our best to accommodate your natural schedule, so feel free to let us know if you're a morning person or a night person.

What are the specific volunteer assignments and their associated duties?

Our most pressing need is registration/security, which is a sedentary assignment. It involves checking off attendees as they arrive and giving them their registration materials. Volunteers at this station will also keep an eye on badges to make sure that only CON.TXT attendees come into the con. The registration desk will usually be staffed with two people.

We also might need help with setup (early Friday morning), takedown (Sunday afternoon), and with the art show/silent auction on Saturday afternoon. These assignments would be more physically active.

Finally, if anyone has particular expertise in setting up A/V equipment, please let us know -- we may need volunteers during setup and takedown for the Vid Show and Disco Duck.

Code of Conduct for Volunteers

Are there any expected behaviors for volunteers? What do I do if an issue comes up and I am not sure what to do?

Yes, absolutely. Most importantly, we expect all CON.TXT volunteers to help make CON.TXT a safe and pleasant experience for everyone. Please take a moment to read the Code of Conduct, Safety Policy, and Accessibility Policy. For those volunteers enforcing rules (such as the wearing of badges), please take care to do so with tact and courtesy.

If you are not certain how to handle something, please take it immediately to a concom member. There will be at least two concom members on the floor at all times, so it should be easy to find someone quickly. If you are volunteering in a stationary role and need to leave your post to find a concom member to address a situation, feel free to do so. Examples of situations that you should immediately escalate to a concom member include: any behavior counter to the Code of Conduct, anything that threatens anyone's safety, or any unspecified behaviors that cause you concern.

If you are scheduled for a volunteer shift, please show up on time and remain at your assigned task and location for the entirety of your shift. We understand that things come up, but please make every effort to follow through on your volunteer commitment. If you will not be able to show up for your shift or need to leave early an illness or emergency, please notify a member of the concom so we can cover your volunteer duties. If any volunteer demonstrates problematic behavior or shows a pattern of abusing or neglecting their volunteer duties, they will be immediately removed from volunteer duties and their future shifts canceled.