CON.TXT 2020 Postponed – Dates TBA

CON.TXT 2020 Postponed, Dates TBA

Hi, everyone. Concom here again.

CON.TXT 2020 is POSTPONED until 2021. We don’t know the exact dates yet; we have a couple of possibilities in mind in the spring and summer of 2021, and we’re going to ask for your input before we make a final decision. Our hotel is graciously allowing us to postpone with no financial penalty (CON.TXT 2021 will be held in the same hotel as CON.TXT 2018).

At this time new registrations are still suspended, but they will reopen once we finalize our new dates. At that point, we will contact all currently registered members to ask if you prefer to roll your membership to 2021 or the future, or to have your membership refunded.

If you made hotel reservations under the 2020 CON.TXT room block, you'll be able to roll them over to 2021--we'll provide information on how to do that when we know the new dates. (If you made your own booking--for example, if you wanted a room type that wasn't included in our block--you'll need to cancel your 2020 reservation and rebook for 2021 yourself.)

There will be a longer announcement coming soon with more info on our 2021 dates as well as if the con after this one will be in 2022 or 2023--that's another thing we're still deciding!

We're sorry we won't see you this summer, but we're looking forward to having a great con in 2021. Please stay safe, everyone!