Are you ready for CON.TXT 2020?

Are you ready for CON.TXT 2020?

With CON.TXT just a few days away, here's a quick checklist to see if you're ready!

  • Are you signed up for the con on Conline? If not, you have until midnight (EDT) Friday, June 24th to do so! But please don't wait that long because ur friendly neighborhood concom would prefer not to send out emails at 1am. Also, you'll also miss out on Friday night hangs!

    To join, sign up here and join CON.TXT here. You will receive an email when your registration is processed.

  • Is your Conline badge name set the way you want? Click your username on the right side of the Conline menu bar and go to Account to change your display name! 
  • Is your Zoom name set the way you want? If you're concerned about the separation of your wallet name and fannish identity, please set your Zoom display name on the Zoom website or through the Zoom app before clicking the link to join any of the CON.TXT panel tracks. If you go directly to the Zoom meeting, you won't be able to change your display name until after you join.
  • Do you want to play Small Fandom Speed Dating? If so, sign up
  • Discord server invites will be going out Thursday, July 23rd to those signed up on Conline. If you're not signed up on Conline by the time that email goes out, you'll receive the invite with your registration confirmation. You don't have to join the Discord server if you don't want to - all activities can be accessed from the schedule page - but if you'd like to chat with fellow attendees, we encourage it! 

We're so excited to see you on Friday and Saturday!

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